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14. How he hugs you

Harry: He wants everyone to know you are his he will randomly embrace you in a hug when you are in public, giving you a little peck on the lips. When you close, looking into your eyes telling you how much he loves you.

Louis: Being sassy while in a hug his hands will travel lower towards your bum, giving it a tight squeeze, in private or not.

Zayn: He cuddles you so close there is no space between both of you, his hands in the small of your back pulling you closer, even if there isn't any more room. Your hands around his neck also pulling him closer.

Liam: Because Liam is protective, he will hold you tightly not wanting to ever let go, he whispers I love you multiple times, while pulling you even tighter.

Niall: When you and Niall hug, you feel safe, with his arms slung around your body, holding you tighter. After a long hug he would say "Y/N you know your hugs are my drug?"

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