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39. He yells and scares your child/children

Harry: Harry had been that had been taking up a lot of time with your daughter going into school for the first time you thought that Harry would be there. "Sorry baby daddy isn't going to be here for your first day, I'm sure he will be here to pick you up with me." Your daughter had tears running down her face, your heart broke. You kissed her soft curls on her head and waved goodbye as your daughter went into class. "I'm so sorry I'm late." Harry puffed. "How could you do that to our daughter on her first day of school, she cried when I told her." You shook your head and headed for the car. "Hey it was work, I couldn't get out of it." Harry rose his voice. "No but maybe you could have called and wished her good luck, instead she cried and went into class without that, are you even going to be here to pick her up?" Your lips started to quiver. "I don't know.." "Daddy! What is wrong with mummy?" Your daughter asked Harry. "Ah baby mummy and daddy are talking." Harry tried to explain. "I heard you in my classroom, your voice scared me." Harry looked like he had just been stabbed. "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to scare you." "Daddy I thing you should tell mummy that, are you going to pick me up?" She quizzed. "Your very right, and of course baby I'll be here no matter what." He kissed her head and she ran off back to the class. "I'm sorry Y/N I'll try more." Harry said in a soft voice, you kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand leading him to the car.

Niall: "Your drunk!" You whispered. "Yeah so what, I know what you do when I'm away on tour." Niall gurgled. "And what is that?" You quizzed. "THAT FUCKING NEIGHBOUR!" Niall yelled trying to point his finger in the right direction but lost balance. "Stop yelling our song is sleeping." You asked. "NO! I KNOW THAT YOU ARE IS HE BETTER THAN ME?" Niall screamed. "Niall stop please I don't want him to wake up, and no I don't know if he is better because I'm not sleeping with him, I have a husband who I love and a beautiful son." You tried again to hush him. "I don't believe you!" Niall accused, the he started to sob. Your son had began crying, stepping past Niall he grabbed your arm. "I know your are." He stated through sobs. Shoving him off and running up stairs to your son to calm him down, you heard a crash. "Niall are you okay? What are you doing?" You asked walking down the stairs to the kitchen to get your son a bottle. "I'm going to kill him!" Niall slurred then fell over his own feet. "Niall put the umbrella down, and go up to bed please, our son is scared I'm going to get him a bottle then I'll be up in a minute." Niall crawled up the stairs. Once you settled your son and put him to sleep you walked into your room to a weeping Niall. "Ni what's the matter?" You questioned. "I Love you." Niall tried. "And I love you too, I would never sleep with another man, please lets go to bed, no more yelling. Our son was so upset." Niall nodded then got under the covers and you both cuddle up together.

Louis: Louis had been very snappy lately. "Where is the toothpaste?" Louis demanded. "Uh I think it's in the draw on the left up the back." You heard the draw be thrown on the floor, how the hell did he manage that. You ran over to the bathroom to see Louis throwing things around. "What's wrong?" You asked. "The bloody toothpaste isn't in the draw, where is it? Did you forget to buy it!" Louis yelled, you got up. "Sorry it wasn't in there I might have forgotten it sorry your highness!" You say using sarcasm, Louis turned and faced you. "Shut up, you don't know what pressure is!" Louis exclaimed, he then shoved past you, you hit the floor and yelled. The twins ran in and saw you on the floor. "Mum are you okay?" Your 13 year old son asked. "Yeah I'm fine honey." You said trying to cover up the pain. "No your not, I'm going to go and talk to dad." Your son said. "Mum let me help you up," Your tired daughter said. Once you were up your daughter hugged you really tight. "What's up sweetheart?" You asked sniffing back tears. "Dad really scared us, we heard the crash then you guys yelling then you hitting the floor." She explained. "I'm sorry darling, why don't you go back to bed I'll go and get your brother" she nodded her head and walked off rubbing her eyes. Walking down stairs you over heard Louis and your son talking. "Dad you really hurt mum, she was crying." You son explained.  "I.. I'm just really stressed right now.. I didn't mean.. to hurt her.." Louis looked like a wreck. "I know dad. You should go and apologise. You really scared me dad." "I'm sorry." Louis shook his head. You son stood up and said goodnight to Louis, and headed off to bed. Walking into the lounge room was strange, you didn't want to talk to him but you did. "Louis, I didn't realise that work was stressing you out that much, I know that you haven't had a chance to relax, but neither have I. You don't really understand what it's like to get the children up and ready for school and do everything around the house so that when you get home you don't have to worry." You whispered. "I'm sorry love, for not telling you what's going on. I'm sorry for expecting everything to be there and ready for me. I'm not a child." "That's alright, maybe we could talk more?" You suggested, he nodded. "I'm sorry for hurting your I didn't mean too." "That's alright Lou, lets go and clean up the bathroom."

Zayn: You guys had been arguing all night, you walked away from Zayn to put your son to bed. Once you were done, Zayn started at you again you didn't even remember what you were arguing about any more. You just kept walking. "Y/N I'm talking to you." He yelled down the hall. "No Zayn your yelling at me and right outside our sons bedroom." You kept walking until you reached the bathroom, locking yourself in. "Y/N I'm talking to you!" He yelled again. You slid down the door crying. "Daddy why are you yelling? Your scaring me." Your 4 year old son said through tears. "I'm sorry little man." Zayn brought his voice down. "Why is mummy crying?" Your son questioned Zayn again. "Because daddy was scaring mummy too I shouldn't have." Zayn explained as you wiped your tears away. "Oh why were you making mum cry?" He quizzed again. "I don't even remember any more little man." Zayn huffed. "Why don't you say sorry to mummy?" He questioned again. "I will why don't you go to bed hey little man?" Zayn replied. "Okay daddy. Goodnight mummy." Your son yelled through the door. "Night honey." You said sighing. You heard your sons door close . "I'm sorry babe. I can't even remember what we were fighting about." He exclaimed. "That's all right Zayn let's just go to bed it's getting late." You yawned.


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