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23. He has to boy you Pads/ Tampons

Niall: You and Niall talked openly about everything so when you got your period at his place and you text him to go buy you some tampons he had no problem expect he didn't know which ones to buy so it took him 45 minutes to get them. He had to call you to find the right brand and side, you felt bad for him but it was quite funny.

Harry: You were at home alone and your parents were out for a dinner, you had gotten your period for the first time and there was no pads or tampons any where in the bathroom, you kind of sat there for a while hoping someone would come home but after 20 minutes, you decided that you were going to text your boyfriend Harry, which you did and you were so embarrassed. He called you when he got to the supermarket. "Which ones do I get Y/N?" He asked in a whisper. "How would I know Harry." you replied. "Okay erm there are ones that say regular, light, heavy and liners.." He stopped waiting for a response. "Um get the regular." You said unsure. "But now there are brands, which one?" Harry asked.  "I don't know Harry, just grab one that looks nice." You replied slightly annoyed. "Okay babe I'll be there soon." He said and hung up. You heard Harry open the front door and then close it and walk over to the toilet and knock. "Y/N can I come in?" He asked. "Yes" you replied. "Do you know how to use them?" Harry asked out of curiosity. "No but I'll read the packet, thanks." you replied. "No worries." He said shutting the door.

Louis: You both were doing shopping and while you were in the line you forgot to get pads. "Louis can you please go get my pads?" You asked. He looked at you. "Only for something in return." He said with a smirk. "Of course but after I finished the period." You said. And he pouted but made you pinky promise, the walking away to go and get your pads.

Zayn: Zayn was helping you pack, he had already finished, you both were going to visit his parents. You knew you were forgetting something... yes your tampons you walked into the bathroom and looked through the cupboards but you couldn't find any. "Zayn baby can you run down to the shop and pick up some tampons you know the ones I always buy?" You asked. "Of course babe, just hurry up with the packing we have to leave in half an hour." Zayn yelled back as he ran out the front door.

Liam: You and Liam were at the pool and your period was due today but you didn't get it in the morning so you thought it might be late. It was around 1 and Liam said that he was hungry so you both got out of the pool, you were walking over to your stuff when Liam rushed over and was practically on top of you. "Love your bleeding." Liam said as a whisper in your ear. "What where, I don't remember cutting myself on anything." You said in return. "Ah babe.. I.. Ah..mean you..period" Liam spulttered out. "Oh god, I though it was late." You said. Liam picked up a towel and wrapped you in it. "What do you mean late? You thought you were pregnant?" He was freaking out. "No, no not that sometimes my periods aren't regular they can be a couple of days off, do you mind if we go to the shops and pick some pads then go home?" You explained. "Yeah sure, but I will go in and get them okay?" he asked. "Yes thank you." You said before you kissed him. 

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