one direction preferences

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16. He gets touchy in public

Niall: You are at Nando's and you are being served by a cute waiter, Niall gets jealous and starts to kiss your neck, cheeks and lips to show the waiter that you are his.

Liam: You were out to dinner with the boys and their girlfriends, dinner with Liam normally consisted of his hand on your knee. Tonight his hand was reaching higher up and he was drawing light circles on your thigh, under the table so no one could see.

Louis: Walking around with Louis normally meant his hand resting on your hip but today it slid in to you to far back pocket and everyone in a while he would give it a little squeeze and kiss your cheek.

Harry: You where shopping with Harry trying to find a new dress for your friends birthday party. While you were looking through the racks Harry's arms slung around you from behind and he started to kiss your neck. He found your sweet spot and you let out a little moan, getting a few stares from other customers.

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