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20. He asks an embarrassing question

Harry: "Hey Y/N!" "Yes Harry?" "Have you ever masturbated before, and if you have who did you think about?" you just stood there with your mouth hanging open because you didn't believe he just asked that question, also you were having a movie night with some of your friends.

Louis: Louis dragged you into Victoria's Secret, while he was looking at the skimpiest lingerie in the store you looked at the perfume. People were looking at Louis with disgust because he was picking up the most revealing and slutty things. "Hey Y/N don't you have this in red?" People stared at Louis then you. Your cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. You grabbed Louis' wrist and basically ran out of the store

Niall: You, Niall and the boys were out at a new night club that had just opened. There was an extremely drunk girl dancing on the bar and so many guys were watching her, you must admit it was kinda funny. "Haha Y/N remember when you were that drunk and did the same thing when we were visiting my family in Ireland?" The boys looked at you and started laughing. You slapped Niall in the arm and walked out of the club. You were so embarrassed because Niall promised he would never tell anyone about that night.

Zayn: You and Zayn were meant to go out for dinner but your mum and dad had said you couldn't go becuase you had to babysit you're 13 years old brother while your parents went on a weekend away. You told Zayn and he said that he would come over and hang with you and your brother. While the three of you were watching tv, Zayn asked. "What's it like to have boobs? Is it fun, annoying?" you were shocked he asked that question in front of your brother. "Yeah Y/N what's it like to have them?" you were even more shocked that your brother wanted to know. You felt so embarrassed you ran up to your room, as you ran up the stairs you heard both boys laugh.

Liam: You and Liam were at home watching tv when the show started talking about vajazzeling. Liams was so confused. "Why would women do that? It's just wrong. Wouldn't it hurt?" "Liam I don't know why people would do it." Liam looked to the floor then up to you. "What would happen if someone did that and had sex wouldn't that hurt the know.. thing? And what if one of the jewels got stuck up the women's private thing?" You couldn't believe he was openly talking about this he waited for an answer, all you could do was burst out with laughter. 

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