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45. Grocery shopping

Harry: Harry is the most disinterested person in food shopping. He will go with you but really doesn't care what goes into the trolley as long as it looks good.

Niall: Although Niall is known for eating anything he is very picky with his brands and lables when it comes to good in the fridge. He will let you pick the product but he has to pick the brand.

Louis: Healthy! Louis likes it when you guys chose all the healthy options. He tries to pick foods that have less fat in it and low cholesterol but that doesn't stop you from sneaking in some foods with sugar in the basket.

Zayn: Zayn is environmental when it comes to grocery shopping He believes it's important to pick food products that won't hurt or damage the environment or the animals living. So you guys get free range eggs and grapessed oil instead of canola because that harms the pandas. 

Liam: Organic is the way Liam likes it. He loves tofu and prefers the organic food  which doesn't bother you because you know its healthy for you and he does most of the cooking and grocery shopping anyway.

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