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28. Baby bump issues

Liam: "Liam!! I can't put on my shoes, can you please help me?"  He came running up the stairs. "Sure love, I can't wait for her to be out here." He cooed putting on your left shoe. You hated not being able to do things for yourself and having people do it for you. "I hate not being able to put my shoes on or shave my legs its so hard to move with this belly." You sighed he had already put your shoes on and was now sitting next to you rubbing your back.

Harry: You and Harry were in an interview, you were 5 months pregnant. You went into hiding for the first 5 months because Harry was on tour and you wanted to announce it together, so this interview had been arranged to do it. "How did you manage to hide it this long?" The interviewer asked. "Well I kept myself occupied, with the baby room and I had harry's mum and mine of course over to help." Harry smiled. You were on national TV and you really had to pee, the baby wasn't helping, Harry could tell something was wrong. If you did't go now you would pee on TV. "Sorry but I really am not feeling well, sorry Harry you continue from your point of the situation." You said waddling off stage, you knew it was wrong but you had to pee. Push past everyone in the toilet cue, to find the cubicle, you walked out happy, Harry was standing there. "Sorry for doing that I just really had to pee, bad!" You sighed. "It's okay love these things do happen when your pregnant." He kissed.

Louis: You were finding it hard to find clothes to wear anymore. "Louis I have nothing to wear, none of my clothes fit any more, jeans are too tight, and tops are too small." Louis walked into the bedroom from the bathroom. "I like what your wearing now." You had on some tights and a bra. "Come on Louis I'm pregnant and with a huge belly you can't find that hot!" "Oh but I do I don't care if your pregnant you are still the hottest girl to me." You smiled. "I still have nothing to wear." Louis pulled out one of his shirts and gave it to you. "It's okay if you stretch it. We will go shopping tomorrow, ok hun?"

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