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25. Age gap (you're younger)

Zayn: 3 years, you and Zayn are public and at first people were saying it was wrong because he was 20 and your only 17 but people soon forgot about it and didn't care because you guys made a cute couple.

Harry: 2 years. At first people din't like the was dating a 16 year old because he normally dates much older women. But soon the fans realised that Harry love you and they didn't care about your age because you made Harry happy.

Niall: 5 years, you didn't want to go public because you were scared of what people would say because you're 15 but Niall said that he was sick of sneaking around. When you went public the media went crazy saying you were too young and it was wrong. At an interview a week after you guys went public the interviewer asked. "Come on Niall you must admit that this relationship is a little wrong, like she's not even legal, wouldn't you much rather go with someone your age?" Liam and Zayn basically had to hold him back. "Why does everyone think this relationship is wrong, if you look at a married couple in their 30's and 40's there is probably more than a 5 year age gap. If it's okay when your 30 why is it wrong when you're a teenager?" This made people think and most agreed.

Louis: 3 years, most people didn't really care, they were happy because you made Louis happy. But there are always people who will complain, they would say 'she's only 18, she doesn't know what she's doing'

Liam: 6 years, Liam was very protective of you because you were younger.

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