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1. How you die in a horror movie

Harry- You were the couple having sex: Of course, the two of you couldn't keep your hands off of each other on Halloween, of all nights. I guess you were so loud you couldn't he that an axe murderer was coming up the stairs.

Niall- You read the weird Latin spell: So you found a cool looking old book in your grandmother's basement. The normal thing to do would be read it, yeah? You did. Out loud. Then zombies ate your asses.

Liam- Demon Possession: Not like supernatural. We're talking Amityville Horor/ The shining type shit. DEEP shit. Sadly, you got got.. And the he gandked  himself. Damn.

Louis- You didn't. You all killed everyone else: It's always the couples that look innocent that aren't. Everyone thought you all were sweet as cupcakes. But you showed them. You smart little fucks.

Zayn- You didn't listen: He told you something was in the house. So did everyone else. You had to be Miss optimistic, however. See where that shit gets you? Now you're dead. Tragic.

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