Lilith was running; running from love, memories, and most of all: herself.


1. Epilogue.

     The final party of my sophomore year at the uni was less than an hour away. I couldn’t believe all that had happened this year, between finding the potentially right guy, making the best of friends, and partying it up; I couldn’t wait to see what next year brings.
Samantha-- the only reason I had joined the sorority, and met Tim, my boyfriend-- was my all-time best friend. She's also ten minutes late as I wait on the steps of our Greek sorority mansion.
After what seemed like forever, an apologetic Sam pulled into the drive, waving her hand out the driver side window. “Let’s go love!”
Speed walking to the passenger seat, I spoke, “It’s totally your fault if I get bitched at for being late!”
Being in the most popular sorority and dating the head member of the most popular frat house ensured that I was always supposed to be Tim’s escort to every social event. And every time I was late, his angry side would show. And that is the worst thing I hated in the world; angry people. Angry people reminded me of what I left from back home.
It took less than five minutes to drive to Tim’s frat house. As soon as we pulled up, Tim, dressed in a pressed button down and khaki slacks, was opening my door ushering me out, with a scowl on his face.
“I don’t even want to know why you are late! Jesus, Lil!” He paused running a hand thru his business cut blonde hair “You knew how important the last entrance of my senior year was for me!” I looked down, fidgeting with my fingers. The stupid part was that no one even cares if you don’t have an escort! Tim is just a paranoid social rich kid, and sometime I wondered why I pictured the rest of my life with someone so arrogant.
Holding out his arm, I looped my forearm into his as he escorted me into his party ten minutes late.
Hoots and hollers filled the room signaling the entrance of the frat leader.
After we did our sociable encounters with the important people of the party, Tim took me upstairs into his room. “I’ll go get us some drinks.” He mumbled, motioning for me to take a seat on his bed.
 As he walked out of the room, it struck me as weird that we were already in his room, when he was so worried about being ‘Mr. Sociable’. Two minutes later, Tim entered with two solo cups in his hands.
Taking his offering, I smiled faintly, realizing he got me my favorite drink, a vodka tonic. “Thank you.”
Scooting closer to me, he let out a long breathe. “It’s my job.”
I didn’t respond, only bringing my drink to my lips. He was in one of his moods and there was no way I was going to deal with it without alcohol. We talked about our plans for break; what we were going to be when he got a stable job, while I was still going to be at the uni; but as he spoke, I couldn’t help but realize that something about him had changed. Tim’s whole demeanor had faulted. The guy I knew a little over twenty four hours ago, the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, wasn’t there.
As I finished my drink, I could feel my eyes begin to droop. I tried to listen to Tim drone on and on about how he might inherit his father’s business early…
“Are you okay?” He spoke suddenly.
I shook my head, causing my world to feel as if it was spinning on a thin needle.
Tim laid me on my back. Something about this was making me nervous and scared and I didn’t like it. “You know Lil, you were too easy… Naïve, even.” A wicked grin spread across his face, as he started unbuttoning his pressed shirt.
My heart beat faster in my chest as my eyelids struggled to stay open. Straddling my waist, Tim shook my head, keeping me awake.
“I could have just asked for sex but this,” He said running his hand up the inside of my thigh pushing the fabric of my dress to the side. “This is so much better; a bigger turn on.”
I tried to struggle, but my limbs didn’t respond. I tried to scream but my mouth felt as if it were full of marble. I felt so helpless.
“Please… Don’t…” I slurred.
My vision was going black as he undid his khakis. Tim leaned down shaking my head again, trying to keep my awake.
He sucked and bit my neck and shoulder as he positioned himself over me.
This couldn’t be happening; Not by someone I trusted with my heart and life.
Before my whole world went dark, I felt Tim enter me. As my eyes closed , I could feel him smacking my face violently, trying to keep me awake ; but I was already slipping away.

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