Harry styles. My kidnapper.


6. chapter 6

I woke up on the couch in the living room, there was a note on the little coffee table.

"Macie, I went out this morning to..run errands. Just wanted to let you know your punishment isn't over ;) Be back soon. -Harry"

Well just great. I didn't want to think about what Harry was going to do to punish me. I was so scared, I just wanted to be home. I was still in my dress from last night so I walked down to my room to change. I decided to wear leggings and a big purple sweatshirt, my hair was in a big messy bun. I walked upstairs, but I stopped on the very top stair because I heard voices. I recognized Harry's voice and Louis voice but there were more people. I knew if I got caught listening to their conversation Harry would kill me. I walked out of my room and all five guys stared at me. Harry spoke first. "Macie this is Niall, zayn, and liam." I just smiled and started walking away but I heard one of them start talking to Harry. It was zayn. "She's fucking hot Harry. And her ass is hot too." I turned around to zayn and slapped him right across the face. Then proceeded into the kitchen. I got myself a bowl of cereal and a bottle of water, I walked into the living room setting my breakfast on the table and sitting with my legs crossed on the floor. I put spongebob on the tv and started eating. I knew I would probably get in trouble for roaming around the house, rather then staying locked up in my room but I didn't really care.

I heard footsteps coming into the living room, when I turned around all of the guys were choosing spots on the couch. Harry grabbed the remote and put on some stupid movie. I stood up and started to walk about but Harry pulled me onto his lap. I wiggled out of his grasp and tried to walk away, but he pulled me back to him. He pressed his lips against mine, I was disgusted. I tried pushing him off of me but he was too strong. Eventually he pulled away. I slapped him across the face, I immediately regretted it. I could practically see the anger in his eyes. I heard one of the boys say "damn Harry you gotta learn how to control her." I didn't even look to see who it was, afraid that if I took my eyes off of Harry I would be in more trouble. Harry stared at me then said "take off your clothes." I was shocked. I shook my head no, he replied " do what I fucking say or the punishment will be worse." I was so terrified. I pulled down my leggings, and raised my sweatshirt over my head. Now standing in front of 5 scary guys in my fucking underwear. Harry smirked at me then said, "sit down on the couch and finger yourself." I gasped "Harry I can't.." He glared at me. "Either you do it or I do it." I backed away and sat down on the couch but I didn't do anything..Harry looked at me for about 10 seconds before walking over to me. Harry sat in between my legs, and he pulled down my underwear then quickly put 2 fingers inside of me. He moved his finger quickly, I knew that all the guys were watching and it made me uncomfortable. I didn't want Harry to know the effect he was having on me. I couldn't help it though. Soon I released and Harry pulled his fingers out of me. He stood above me smirking, all the guys were looking at me. I felt myself blushing, I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran into my room slamming the door shut and locking it. I never wanted to come out again.

Sorry if this sucked, first time I wrote something like this so please comment what you think!!!!

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