Harry styles. My kidnapper.


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5

We walked into a huge house, it might've been the biggest house I've ever seen. Harry walked in front of me, dragging my arm so I didn't get lost into the crowd of people. We made our way out to the backyard which was littered with cups and a bunch of trash. There were tons of people in the backyard, dancing and making out. Nothing about this party seemed appealing to me, all I could focus on was the strong smell of alcohol. Someone handed me a beer, I accepted it but Harry rudely grabbed it, smiled at me and said "I don't want you drinking, okay?" I couldn't be more annoyed. I mumbled back "okay." He can't boss me around like that, I'm not some little kid.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Harry's annoying voice. "Macie, this is Louis. This is his house, and Louis this is macie, you remember her don't you?" Louis smiled at me, then Harry and Louis both started giggling like assholes. How would Louis remember me. I stared at him trying to recognize his face. It finally hit me after a few minutes of looking at him, he was there the night Harry took me! I was disgusted to be in his house, he just sat back and watched me get kidnapped. Harry and Louis seemed pretty distracted in their own conversation, so I took this opportunity to wander off. I walked back into the house and went to the kitchen. I got myself a beer and I sat on the couch. I was just thinking and listening to the music when someone sat down next to me.

"Hey! I'm Ashton!" He smiled at me. I smiled back "I'm macie." Me and Ashton talked for a while before we decided to start dancing. I didn't see Harry once and I was rather happy about that. I was getting really tired of dancing, everyone was pretty drunk and sloppy at this point anyway. Ashton grabbed my hand and walked upstairs. When we reached the top of the stairs he pushed me against the wall and slammed his lips onto mine. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands wandered underneath my thighs keeping me from falling. Ashton walked into a bedroom, kicking the door shut then laying me down on the bed, him hovering above me. We made out on the bed for a while, Ashton lifted his shirt up over his head. Once Ashton was only in boxers he undressed me. I was laying naked on the bed Ashton started kissing, and leaving marks down my body. Everything was getting intense, and I could feel my heart racing. The door swung open, revealing a pissed off Harry. "Ashton get the hell out, macie put on your fucking clothes on." Ashton looked at me, looking very apologetic before grabbing his clothes and exiting the room. I sat quietly waiting for Harry to scream at me. Harry was pacing the room back and forth, clenching his fist. I started getting dressed, I knew Harry was looking at me and it was making me nervous. I was scared, I don't know why he hasn't started yelling yet.

Once I was dressed Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me all the way to the car. The car ride home was silent, his grip on the steering wheel was extremely tight and it makes me nervous how angry he is. I didn't want the car ride to end because I had a feeling it would be bad. When Harry parked the car in the driveway he quickly got out and ran to my side of the car. Harry opened the door and got a tight hold on my wrist. He pulled me to the front door. Once it was opened I was thrown into the house, landing roughly on the floor. He slowly walked over to me and knelt down so he was inches from my face. Then he started yelling at me "Is this a fucking joke macie? I specifically told you not to drink, and you disobeyed me..then you decide to fucking go hangout with Ashton. Acting like some fucking whore!" He stopped yelling and I was silently thanking god for that, but I stopped when I felt a sharp pain fly through my cheek. He fucking slapped me. I sat there in shock, Harry had stormed off leaving me a crying mess on the floor. He stormed upstairs to his room and slammed his door shut. I didn't move, not even having the strength to go to my room. I fell asleep on the floor, my back against the front door, tears still streaming down my face.

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