Harry styles. My kidnapper.


4. chapter 4

We arrived at the mall, we must've been far from New York because I didn't recognize this mall or the people in it at all. Harry and I wondered around hand in hand until we walked by a forever 21. I tugged at his hand, he turned and saw the huge store and smiled at me. " Go ahead, get anything you want. I'll be back in like 20 minutes okay?" I smiled at him " okay thank you harry." Normally in this situation the smart thing to do would be run away and get help but I decided against it because it's too risky with Harry still in the mall.

I walked into forever 21 picking up a bunch of clothes, a few dresses, shirts, jeans, leggings, sneakers and boots. Basically everything I needed. I was holding this huge pile of items and I walked right into someone. "Hi macie" Harry chuckled. I mumbled a "hi". We walked to the register, after dumping all the stuff on the counter I wondered off waiting for Harry. Eventually he walked up to me with about 5 big bags. I tried taking them but he just shook his head.

We exited the mall and were walking back to the car.

After a long, silent car ride we were finally back at Harry's house. He went straight to a couch and yelled over to me "go back downstairs into your room." I was hesitant to ask but I replied "um Harry you said we were going out tonight so I was wondering if maybe I could take a quick shower?" I was stuttering on my words. I was afraid to ask him anything afraid of being punished. He slowly stood up and nodded, telling me to follow him. We walked up a long stair case before entering a huge bathroom. Harry started the water for me. " I'm gonna go pick out your outfit for tonight, enjoy your shower darling. When your done go back to your room." He smiled at me then left me to shower.

I stood under the hot water for what seemed like hours before deciding I should get out before Harry makes me. I walked over to the towels and wrapped my hair in one setting the towel on top of my head twisted around my hair, then wrapped another around my body. I walked down the stairs, Harry was sitting on the couch looking at me, I blushed realizing I was only in a towel. He chuckled at me "that's a good look for you babe." I didn't say anything I just rolled my eyes and walked downstairs into my room. Now I had to start getting ready for wherever I had to go with him, I barely know where I'm going so I'm not putting much effort into this...

I took my long dirty blonde hair out of the towel, combing through it with my fingers. I tied my hair into two side braids, so when it dried it would be wavy. I really didn't have much make up with me other then mascara which I had from the night I was out with nikki. I shoved it in my bra that night in case I had to re-apply it while we were out. I applied the make up to my eyes, making my blue eyes stand out. I walked over to my bed and looked at the outfit on the bed. A simple black dress and white heels. The black dress was very fitted, coming down to about the middle of my thigh. I put on the dress and the shoes. It took me about a half hour but I was ready, I stood at the door to my room, afraid to open it without Harry's permission. I called "Harryyy!" Seconds later the door swung open. "Wow macie you look really hot." I didn't say anything. he wrapped his arm around my waist making me cringe. We got into his big car, and he started driving down the street, humming and tapping the steering wheel to the radio.

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