Harry styles. My kidnapper.


11. chapter 11

I got out of the bed and went to the kitchen to get food. I was looking around the refrigerator, finding nothing that looked appealing. Niall walked into the kitchen. "Don't eat too much macie everyone's going out to dinner tonight!" Instantly a smiled formed on my face. I was excited to hangout with everyone! I ran to perries room to ask her what I should wear but she wasn't there. I went to zayns room thinking she might be in there, I was correct. I was standing outside the door, before I could knock I heard loud moaning. I burst into laughter, running away from the door. I went straight to Eleanor's room, first telling her about zayn and perrie. We both we laughing for a while. I asked what I should wear tonight. Eleanor is wearing a black short sleeve dress with red heels. Now having an idea of what to wear I returned to my shared room with Harry. He was standing in front of the mirror, buttoning up his shirt. He was dressed in black skinny jeans and tucked in white button up shirt. He looked good..very good. I hadn't even realized that I was staring. "Why don't you just take a picture darling it would last longer?" He started giggling as soon as he said it and he threw in a wink. I laughed as well, mostly because of how embarrassed I was. I went over to my suitcase which I still haven't unpacked. Maybe I would do that later. I pulled out my lacy white dress. It was mid sleeve, I slid on my black sandals with little studs on them, the wrapped around my ankle. They were also my favorite shoes in the world. Once I was dressed I moved to the mirror. I left my hair in long waves. My hair was brown, and in thick waves. It went down to about the small of my back. I applied light make up. Once I was completely ready I walked downstairs into the living room where everyone was gathering before we left. All of the boys eyes landed on me, including Harry's. Something came over me and I smirked and said "Why don't you just take a picture it would last longer?" Harry laughed and shook his head at me. I walked outside to the car sitting in the backseat with perrie. Eleanor and Sophia were in the front seat. The girls and guys decided to take separate cars so it wouldn't be so crowded.

After about 10 minutes of driving we arrived at this fancy looking restaurant. I'm almost positive it was an Italian place. I'm assuming that based off the Italian sounding name. We got out of the car, the guys were waiting for us at the entrance. We all got seated, I was sitting on the end next to Harry. Everyone started having their own conversations, including me and Harry.

After dinner we all went back to the house. I was sitting on the couch with Harry. I was sprawled out across the couch with my legs hanging across his lap. Everyone was sitting around on the floor talking and laugh. All our conversations were interrupted by a loud banging on the door. We all silenced. The banging continued. Harry jumped up.

"Take macie out of her right now." He growled to Niall.

All of a sudden I was lifted off the couch by Niall. He ran upstairs and into his room. I began to say something but he hushed me. We both were carefully listening through the door.

Faintly I heard voices. "So Harry..where's that pretty girlfriend of yours?"

"She's not my girlfriend Richard. Tell me what you want and get the fuck out of here." Harry responded

"Oh I see you're going to be difficult about it...boys go search the house. I'll keep little Harry here busy."

I heard Harry trying to protest but he obviously failed judging by the footsteps cominnggg closer. Zayn, liam, and Louis were probably hiding the other girls. Niall rushed me over near the bed quietly motioning for me to get under it. I did what he said, he followed me under as well. Just in time. The door swung open, I could see a man walking around the room. He groaned in frustration.

The man yelled "Richard I can't find her"

Another man entered the room. I'm gonna assume it's Richard. "Come on macie...I know you're somewhere in this house just come out..."

I started crying. Niall tried to stop me from crying by rubbing my back soothingly, but he failed.

I heard harry yell "Richard get out she's not here right now. Everyone went out, nobody's here."

Richard and the other man left the room, I let out a sigh of relief. After about five minutes Harry came into the room he pulled me out from under the bed. I started sobbing. Harry was trying to get me to stop crying but it wasn't working. He carried me out of nialls room and brought me to our room. We both laid down, I curled into Harry's side. I continued crying, while he comforted me. Eventually I must've fallen asleep.

I woke up, the room was completely dark. I heard voices downstairs...

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