Harry styles. My kidnapper.


10. chapter 10

Harry and the rest of the boys haven't come back yet, it's been 3 days now. I'm so worried about them, I'm pretty sure the other girls have been in contact with them but nobody's telling me anything which is quite frustrating. I was sitting on the couch with perrie, we were watching a movie. The other girls went out to get food. I haven't left the house since Harry left. I want to, but the girls won't let me. The phone started ringing loudly throughout the house. I went to answer it. Harry's voice pierced through the phone. "Macie?" I was shocked to hear his voice. "Harry where are you? Are you okay?" There was a short pause before he replied. " don't worry about me macie, I need you to listen to me, you're in danger. I'm trying to handle it but I need your help. You can't leave the house alone okay? Richard wants you. I can't let him get to you. You're still mine macie I won't let him touch you. I can't talk for long but macie please stay safe okay? I'll be back soon." I hadn't noticed that I started crying until I opened my mouth to talk and let out a sob " okay. I miss you Harry. I'm scared." He sighed and responded "I know, I'll be back as soon as possible. Stay safe." Before I could reply us hung up. I walked back towards perrie, collapsing in her arms letting out loud sobs.

One day has passed since I talked to Harry. I was standing in the shower, barely washing myself, just standing there thinking. I was confused. Why was I having these feelings towards Harry. I mean he's my kidnapper, but part of me feels like he took me and brought me into something better. A life with real friends, a life with someone I truly care about. Yes I admit it, I care about Harry. Something about him makes sparks go off in my head.

I stepped out of the shower, if I stood there thinking about Harry for another second I surely would start crying again. I just wanted him to come home. I changed into leggings and one of his sweatshirts. Leaving my hair natural and putting no make up on my face, I collapsed onto my bed. I grabbed the remote and searched for something to watch, giving up after about 5 minutes of looking through the TV guide. I decided to just play music. I only heard 2 full songs before I fell asleep.

I woke up in a panic, I felt a strong pair of arms around my waist. My thoughts automatically jumped to Richard. He had broken into the house. He's here to take me away. I struggled to get out of his grasp. I maneuvered in his arms, expecting to be face to face with a scary killer. Instead I was faced with a sleeping boy with messy brown curls. I squealed a little but too loud, making his eyes shoot open. I smiled from ear to ear. I rolled on top of him wrapping my arms tightly around is shoulders. His arms squeezed around my back, making me feel so safe and secure. A feeling that's been absent for a while. "Harry I missed you so much. I'm so happy you're home and you're okay." I felt tears building in my eyes, I was just so happy. Harry sat up, with my legs wrapped about his waist and arms hanging loosely around his neck. He smiled at me "I missed you too macie." I stared into his green eyes observing every little detail of them. He began inching closer and closer. Our lips moved together, my hands grabbing hold of his curls deepening the kiss. We pulled apart. Trying to catch our breath. The most intense kiss I've had. Maybe it was because it was with Harry. I don't know what it was but it left me breathless, and wanting more.

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