Harry styles. My kidnapper.


1. chapter 1

People were grinding on each other, the scent of alcohol was practically taking over the entire house. I knew I would regret coming to this party tonight. My best friend nikki dragged me out of our apartment because she didn't want to show up to the party alone.

Me and nikki lived together in New York, we just recently moved here. We moved all the way to New York from California because we wanted to go to college together. As much as I love California, I'm starting to like New York. Sometimes New York is a bit overwhelming, I'm still unfamiliar with the streets and all the people. Nikki was adjusting to New York better than I am, she already has a few friends here. I still haven't made friends here yet, nikki is all I have.

I walked around people looking for nikki, I was ready to go home. I wasn't much of a drinker, in fact I'm the only person here who is sober. Everyone is dancing, sweating, and falling all over the place. This isn't my idea of fun. I finally found nikki, she was sitting on the kitchen counter with a guy leaning over her. I walked up to her and pushed the guy away. "Nikki let's go, you're drunk we are leaving" she slurred something back that I quite honestly couldn't even comprehend. I was pulling on her arm trying to get her to leave with me but she wouldn't budge. Instead she yelled "I'll call a cab to take me home or something! Just go home already you're no fun anyways." I was too annoyed and tired to start an argument with her so I just left.

I walked down the streets in my short pink dress and black heels, it didn't seem like the safest thing to be doing so I tried to walk quickly. I heard people yelling behind me so I quickly turned into an ally. If I'm correct the end of this ally should lead me to my apartment. Luckily I got away from the people who were screaming behind me, but the sight in front of my eyes left me standing with my feet glued to the spot, my eyes wide.

There was a man being held against a brick wall by his neck. The man who was holding him to the wall was a very tall muscular man, he was wearing a black hoodie so I couldn't see any of his features. All I saw was this tall man, choking the other man. All of a sudden the man yells "I GAVE YOU ENOUGH CHANCES. I NEED MY FUCKING MONEY" the other man couldn't form a sentence, I could see the fear in his eyes. The man threw him to the ground, his hands never leaving his neck. He choked the man, then started throwing punches to the mans face. I was frozen with fear my hand covering my mouth preventing me from screaming. The man stood up looking at the lifeless body in a puddle of blood on the ground in front of him. He chuckled then turned his head towards me. He started walking in my direction and I began to run away. I didn't get very far because as soon as I started to run, I ran directly into someone. I ran into the four guys, the ones who were behind me earlier yelling. I was trapped in between the four guys and this dark scary killer. Before I could think of what to do I was slammed into the brick wall. He took down his hood revealing dark brown curly hair, I looked directly into his eyes. His green eyes, all I saw was evil. I was terrified. I looked away trying to hold back tears. His strong hands were holding onto my hips pushing me against the wall. He looked to the four boys " isn't she a pretty one?" They all nodded, he smirked looking down at me. "what's your name beautiful?" No way am I going to tell this fucking murderer my name. He pushed me against the wall harder making me whimper. He repeated himself, sounding more angry this time. "Macie. My name is Macie." "What a beautiful name. Mines Harry." I didn't respond, I was too scared to say anything, he spoke again "Now macie, tell me what you saw." I stuttered "I s-saw nothing..please Harry let me go" tears were falling hard now. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, he slammed me back into the wall hard making me gasp. "Darling, don't make this difficult." I said nothing.

Harry put his hand over my mouth. And dragged me over to the four boys. I was kicking my legs trying to get away but I failed. I heard the boys mumbling something but I couldn't understand what was being said. All of a sudden Harry threw me over his shoulder. I was then thrown into the back seat of a car, I must've hit my head on the window or something because after being thrown into the car, I blacked out. Everything was dark, I couldn't see and I couldn't hear a thing.

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