The Girl With The Gun

Emery Rover was jumped on her way home. Then she wakes up with 4 boys watching her. They're mysterious, charming, and hot. They try to recruit her... but for what? They think they know her, but do they know she graduated from a school for assassins, or that she could kill them with her bare hands? So what if they're dangerous, so's she.


2. 2- Boys are idiots

 "Emery where did you get this?"Arrianne squealed as she held up the £500 I 'borrowed' from that nice man I met at the mall. "You managed to steal all this?!"Arrianne said, looking at me with awe ."Shut up and we'll go and spend it?" I laugh. She rolls her eyes looking excited

 We when got to the mall. I felt eyes on me, I was being followed. Again. I looked around, Arrianne left and went to a shoe shop. "Shit." I said to the guy I bumped into. He is hot, really hot. I look up to see a mess of blonde hair and amazing blue eyes, he looked 17 and had on blue jeans low on his hips showing his black underwear and he has no shirt on wow he is FIT. And has a 6 pack . He has tanned flawless skin . "I'm Logan, sorry bout that." He said looking amused. He smirked, he had his lip pierced and a tattoo of a broken heart on his wrist? I saw 2 of him. He has a twin. His twin doesn't have a tattoo or piercing and is wearing a white shirt and grey jeans."That's Luke my bro." Logan says before his brother can. "And you are?"Luke asked. "Emery" I reply.

 "Aren't you going to introduce us Em?" Arrianne smiled, its a flirty smile. "Arrianne, this is Logan and Luke. Logan, Luke this is Arrianne."I say quickly. "So which one of you is dating my lucky friend Em?" Arrianne smirked. "Well that would be me..." Logan started cheekily, but I didn't let him finish. "None of them we only just met!" I shoved her. Not that I would mind dating one of them.... "So your single?" She wouldn't shut up, I swear sometimes she's as annoying as those Jehovah witnesses.

 "Gotta go, come on Logan." Luke said his voice is deep like Logan's, it was hot. I mean Arrianne was drooling. I turned my attention back to them but they were gone, already.

  "I call dibs on Logan!" Arrianne smirks. "I don't care have them both!" I snap. She walks off in the other direction, seriously, what did i do that pissed her off? 

 I have no where else to go, but home. "Ow shit." Someone threw something at me, a rock? There's a boy, near the bus stop across the street but he isn't close enough to through something at me. "Hey Ar you home?" No answer, she normally leaves a note or texts me. Its probably nothing I must have beat her home.

 Urrrr someone hits me around the head with... a vase! Then everything goes black.


 I don't know were I am but I know it's not are apartment. Our apartment has carpets not wooden floors. I can't see anything, i'm blindfolded. And my hands are tied, but not my feet.

 "Good, your awake."I hear that cocky deep familiar voice. "Logan take this off now!"I shout. "Your clothes? Already been done."Logan chuckles. "The blindfold, fagot!"I scream. His hands are at the side of my head taking the blindfold off. "Relax, your fully clothed unless your counting shoes." 

 The rooms big with a bed, black sofa, tv, desk, drawers, an a wood chair. Logan's sat on the sofa with his legs up and  smirk on his face."Why am I here?" The least he can do is answer me since i'm stuck here with him. I am, the doors locked, I checked. Footsteps are coming closer. "Sorry if i told yah, id have to kill yah."He winked. Creep!

 "Lo, leave her alone."Another hottie said as he walked in with Luke."Can I leave then?!" I wasn't expecting them to say yes, since they knocked me out and left me here blindfolded and tied up. I look him over quickly. He has sandy blonde hair with huge brown eyes. "Nope, we need you." Hottie says shaking his head. "Why do you need me? Where am I ?" I'm getting pissed off and impatient. "You can steal something without getting anyone attention, right? And Conner saw you knock a 30 year old man out cold, with your bare hands. You know Riverside?The posh new estate. We need you to steal a mans wallet and house keys, and replace them with realistic copies. Simple. Name your price and we'll pay you." Hottie says staying surprisingly calm. "By the way i'm Jake and you've met the twins."He expects me to take someones stuff AND swap them. "Unfortunately and no i'm not stealing anything for you, besides I can only take stuff not replace it. So bye i'm leaving, NOW!" The doors wide open, so I walk over only to find Logan stood in my way. "Aww she's cute when she's angry isn't she?"Logan say's to Jake."Hello, i'm right next to you, and your in my way so move, like right now or i'll kick that lurvvvly ass of yours." Shit, did i really just tell him he's got a lovely ass ?!

 "Bitch please... its perfect, and I know but thanks, your still not leaving. Your in to deep." Logan pouts. "What I don't know anything about you?" Are they serious 'i'm in to deep', really. "Not yet but if we let you go you will, your clever you'll figure it out we've seen your grades, we know everything about you. Your 17, everyone in your family's died but your Aunt Rose and no ones found the killer,you share an apartment with your friend Ariadne or something, at water-stone road and you went to Prim Rose School for gifted.What don't we know?"Jake laughs.

 You don't know Prim Rose isn't a real school its a cover story for a school that makes murderers, Black thorns a school that makes generation after generation, of assassins and vicious killers.You don't know that my parents were killed on a mission to kill the queen. You don't know my brothers still alive and well. Did he know that inside are apartment s 2 doberman trained to kill. Or that when you open the door to the basement your body gets scanned and if your not with me or Ar the second you step through the door a bomb goes off. That's why we keep it locked, because down there are guns, knifes and other weapons that haven't been identified and even the CIA or F.B.I don't have access to. Yeah I bet you knew that didn't you, boys....



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