I Want, I Need

Note: Wanted to have a little fun really, just a silly little short story. Some of it is a little slow moving and I'm sure some of it speeds up abit . But this is my first try so give it a go and tell me what you think :)

This story is based upon half real experience and half made up from the mind.
It focuses around a girl who is a virgin. She wants to explore the world of sexual desires and reality, but becomes torn between fanatasies and reality, yes and no, and I want and I need.
It's kind of abit of a twist, a sudden end and may be a little confusion.

Things start to heat up so try and stay tuned to the end if you can.


4. Realsitic Dream

Two weeks had passed, each day was like a new journey for me. Seeing him there, standing with his friends, possible only one other was good looking, or attractive, or.. whatever, I don't know how to compliment a hot guy's hot friend. Anyway, reality check, he was coming this way, he was walking towards me, I started to fidget, swing from side to side a little, maybe even twitch my nose, just to make it appear that I was being normal and not staring at his perfect physique, god I just loved the way his arms firmly swing beside him as he's walking.

Fast forward to another similar routined night. I was bored. I was just bored, and I couldn't stand it one bit. I felt like man-kind had violated me by giving me nothing to do. My feelings felt violated. I sat up to come to a beautiful view of rain pouring down my window, tiny tiny but perfect shaped tear drops of nature's finest water rolling down the glass. Then a thought came to me, shapes.. pefection.. finest, NATURE! They all added up, and came to down to only one thing. Him! He was nature's finest with the perfect shaped body, the perfect shaped everything. Well, I don't know about 'everything' being perfectly shaped. I wish I knew though. Collapsing back onto my pillow and rolling over to sleep was the depressing end to a night of dissappointment. No fun this time, my mind was tired and so was my fucking eyes.

Was I in a dream? No.. This couldn't be, It had to be real, I feel real and everything. Things were blurry though, eyes fucking eyes! Within five seconds things became alot clearer, a tall-ish broad figure appeared infront of me, It was a guy, I was certain it was a guy. He pulled me up and grabbed my wrists, quite firmly. His face was becoming alot clearer now, I could work out his feature outline, but my eyes were still being little fuckers to me. His firm hands grabbed my sides and pulled me closer, I tried to pull away, but his grip tightened and forced my body into his. I looked down to find my boobs were free, I had a raging nip on, I'm so confused. I looked back at his face again, to my realization, it was him! I gasped and stared deep into his eyes, his deep blue calm sea eyes. I..I couldn't believe, this was happening to me.

It all felt so real! I could feel the trembles my body had longed for, I could feel the adrenaline rushes my blood had raged for, I could feel the booming drum sounds from my chest, my heart was feeling the pressure, but my heart liked it. I closed my eyes for three seconds, only to come to realise, that I had told myself not 3 weeks ago, that I was going to make him mine. BACKFIRE! He was going to make me his! "This has to be a dream, this has to be a dream!" He grabbed my boobs and fondled them, he knelt down and kissed my stomach, making every single hair stand on end! He moved my to my boobs, oh my, oh my god! He ran his smooth soft tongue over my nipple, I couldn't help myself, I threw my head back and began breathing more heavily than ever! I looked back down find myslef bare. That's weird, I don't remembering shaving this morning, nor do I remember losing about 15lbs in twelve hours. I had to be dreaming. I guess dreams make you skinnier and less hairy, and more..WOAH! The power was uncontrollable, he lifted my right leg up and placed my foot on the wall, so I'd be left balancing with my left leg, while my right foot leaned into the wall. He moved down, kissing every area of skin there was in the path, I couldn't, I just couldn't, he was going to and I didn't want to stop it. I wasn't going to stop him, I......... I looked up to the ceiling, my eyes as wide as they could go, my mouth hanging low... His tongue had landed firmly on my clit, my clit which was swollen from dark excitement. He spread my lips further apart, giving himself better access to it. I moaned softly, I looked down find the word enjoyment written all over his face, I still couldn't believe what the fuck was happening! Everything was happening in a blur, I felt lost, but safe, Insecure but secure, my mind was just racing! He finally stood up after a long-ish session of pleasuring my flower, my flower which I feared was about to pollinated.

No, OH NO! I take it back! Everything I said about wanting him Everything my mouth and mind uttered about pleasure and..and, what was I doing. I was lost in my own circle of emotions, one side of my head was pointing in one direction, and the other in the complete opposite. My mind was scared, happy, distraught, relieved..all at the same time, I couldn't figure out what I wanted. To late to think now, I was about to get fucked. Literally FUCKED! Pounded. Banged. Smashed. Destroyed. All these words that society had taught me, they were about to become real. My words had literally BACKFIRED! My mind tricked me, I thought I was the shark, and he was bait. No. He was now the shark, and I was now the bait.

What was my desire for him, was now his desire for me. What was my goal to make him mine, was now his goal to make me his. He threw me on the bed, I was able to only get slight words out, but In a innocent, frightened tone. "what are you going to do with me?" ...There was silence, no words were returned, none at all! But before I could think any further, he seperated my legs and almost collasped his waist onto me. He gave me a hard glare, I looked down at a second, able to witness a quick glance at his huge penis..no wait, his huge cock! It was huge, like one's you would see on porno adverts posing for growth pills, apart from it wasn't that exaggerated, but it was still a fair length! He pushed himself into me, his cock forcing it's way through me, the friction was immense!

I could feel my pupils dilate. The skin on skin feel was more than explosive. I screamed out with pleasure, my mind was blank, the only thing I could think of was how so fucking amazing this felt, my emotions began to calm. but my harmones wern't having any of it, they hit sky high and my walls became so wet, so lubricated. Finally, noises started to emerge from his mouth, deep groans and sharp breaths mixed together to create an almighty sound of heaven to my ears, I was getting more and more turned on by the second. He lowered his head closer to mine, we were almost at face to face contact, he picked up his pace, and deepend more and more with each entry. His eye shot lightning bolts into mine, I grabbed the bed sheets, gripped them as tight as ever, and screamed out loud! I wanted to let the whole world know, I wanted the whole world to know that I was being fucked! I wanted everyone to know that right here, right here now, an act of intense human connection was happening. He got closer and closer, until his lips touched mine, it's like they gave me a warm welcome into his soul, and I could feel every ounce of desire. Our bodies rocked together in perfect harmony, his pace has reached peak, he let go of my lips, taking away my breath, he threw his head back and let out a perfect moan. I could feel the hot, sticky substance fill me. His cum latched itself inside me, with a few drips over flowing out. His cock hovering over, droplets of cum dripping down onto my clit, and then running down my pussy. His forehead coated with a slim layer of sweat, our bodies glistened in the daylight, he half rested on me, his face over mine, staring hard into eachothers eyes, trying to catch our breath. He lowered himself to kiss me one last time. His hand gentley stroked my cheek. "Is that what you wanted, babe" he said.

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