Phoenix Ryder vs Nina Jenks: The lone magpie

After the events of 'Four Words, Four Kills' and 'The Piper's Call', ex Texan detective Phoenix Ryder joins the finest, most cunning young detective, Nina Jenks. As the two solve the murders, they soon realize that they are playing a game. A game in which only one can win. Joining forces, they must make the ultimate choice between life and death in order to catch the killer. But how far will they go to save the ones they love? And will it be too late to catch him? The last magpie to die is the last magpie to die.


1. Chapter 1- Phoenix's Return

2014- Phoenix


Death stared me in the face from the beginning. And now my long lost son had finally returned, my palms were sweating. I couldn't believe my eyes; he was there as the small water droplets patted on his royal blue suit. He had a young, blossoming face that was scarch of age. With his hazel brown hair flicked stylishly to one side and his emerald glinting eyes watching my every move, I chose to shake his hand.

'How did ya find me?' I asked in my usual Texan accent.

'I saw your old friend and he told me where you'd be. Anyway, can we get inside. I'm a bit cold out here.' He tried to smile through gritted teeth.



As i sauntered to the fridge, opening it, and clutching a bottle of beer, my son stared at me.

'Would ya like a drink?' I asked but he shook his head.

'No I'm fine thanks.' He replied.

I gulped down the bitter liquid and sat down. My son took out his tablet and started to swipe fervently on the screen.

'Do you think you own the place?' I asked with my eyebrow raised, 'Ya sure show it. So,what's ya name and why are ya on that thing?'

He looked up from the screen, which beamed brightly on his chin, and smiled. 

I'm just checking emails. I got something for you.' He placed the tablet on the large wooden table and frowned, 'What's this all about?'

Analyzing the email, i realized just what was going on, 'Dear Mr Phoenix Ryder, I am writing to inform you that a murder has recently occurred around the area of New York. Will you play the game? Or will you be my next victim. Bye, I'll see you soon enough. Anonymous.'

'Okay, that's kinda creepy,' my son said.

'It sure is,erm...what's your name?'

'Logan,I thought you'd know that since you're my father.' He replied.

Standing up and walking to the window,I looked at the litter strewn streets of Houston, Texas. The large series of fluorescent lights lit up the dark streets and the stars brightened the night sky. Light was winning.

'It doesn't work like that, Logan. Not everybody can remember after being years apart. So will you join me? I mean on this case. It's fine if not bu-' I asked.

Logan interrupted, 'Sure! But we have to work as a team remember?'

This was a risk I was certainly taking but it was worth it. Death seemed to lurk in the darkness that still loomed. Waiting to kill. And the darkness was only rising, meaning Death was only a few steps away from the inferno.

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