Love Me Not

Lilli-Rose has a gigantic crush on Jordan Miller, every girl does, but when her dream comes true will everything turns out to plan? Is Jordan in love, or hunting for trouble..?


1. Epilepsy Crush

Jordan Miller is by far the cutest person in the universe. Every girl has a crush on him, I am sure of it. Those dreamy brown eyes could melt a piece of diamond I swear. At the age of eighteen I have no idea how to even grab his attention. People say we would be the perfect match, but I am not so sure.

"You would be such a cute couple! You love gymnastics and he loves dance. Seriously, your charisma could turn you into a boy magnet! Just imagine it, you catch his eye and you look at each other as if nobody else is there, and then the hottest boy in the world is your boyfriend!"

That is what Mille said on Facebook a couple of minutes ago. She missed one important thing out. Jordan has had countless girlfriends, tall, thin, pretty or ugly, he has had it all. None of his relationships have lasted longer than 3 months. Oh and also, I have Epilepsy. It is a neurological condition that causes seizures, and dear God I hate it. Once I had a seizure whilst I was on the high beam at gym, doing a cartwheel so that is how I ended up with a broken leg. Why would he even consider me?


Sorry, I haven't really said much about me. So here goes:

Name: Lilli-Rose Calinor.

Geeky Habits: reading is my life.

Other stuff: Gymnast, Epileptic, Popular, Fashionable and completely adorable! :)




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