Angels belong to the sky.


13. Thirteen

      I guide her to the ceiling. The evening is calm and warm. From the top of my mansion, we can see the perfect large sky. I lay on my back and tell Onie to do the same. Once her body is next to mine, I slide an arm under her head. She dosen't move and just stares at the blue.

"We were a happy family" I begin, feeling her eyes on me."I never thought one day all of these would happen. I  loved them both, my parents. Problems between them started when I was nine, and ended up with them divorcing. I had no clue about it until my mom got married again. When I reached seventeen. I thought dad was away for a while but I was surprized by another man holding my mother. I didn't like him. He looked sweindler. I was right, he started to beat my mom, and I always stood between them, forbidding him from hitting her. It usually ended with me having a black eye and a bloody nose.Then, my mother was diagnosed as having breast cancer. She fought it, but the illness was equally strong. Now, she still suffer, and I'm afraid she surrender... She left us and decided to live alone, thinking it would be easier for us to forget her if she dies like that. My sister, Jasmine and I looked after her, untill... she moved months ago. We still don't know where she is."

I turn my head, expecting a laugh, but I got surprized when I catch Onie crying. Is she feeling my pain ? No one ever felt it. Even my four best friends. They support me, but never shared my pain. I can't help but look at her. She stands up, pulling me up with her. We conteplate the the orange shadowed sky. We stay like this for minutes.

"No matter how far your mom is" She says softly, looking up. "She's under this sky."

I  hold her closer, like I want to feel her words.

"I understand, Harry, the way you're feeling about this. You mom is here, with you, in your heart. You'll find her. I believe in you. "

"I'm afraid she'll die" I admit.

"The sky is a better place. We'll all do at the end. Angels belong to the sky." She turns to look at me.

The reflected light makes her eyes sparkling. I love her. I love her for understanding me, for talking to me and for saying those words.

I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes, as I hear her voice tickling my ears.

"The angels are those who crossed the horizon and made it to the sky. Angels belong to the sky."

Her voice makes a beautiful harmony with the beats of my heart.

"I want to cross the horizon, the sky is too wonderful, to not be discovered."


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