Angels belong to the sky.


7. Seven

       I hop in my black Range Rover whilst waving goodbye to my sister. I bring my engine to life and drive away. I spent three days with Jasmine, doing nothing but talking and walking around Holmes Chapel like we used to do when we were younger. I decided to make her forget about our mother for a while because she's going through a lot of problems and I'm worried about her. The wheel under my control, I turn on the radio and start to enjow the trip.But he's here again, the shadow, sitting in the back seat. His smirk absorbs all the hope I've got. I turn my head, facing the road one more time. I hate him and I hate myself for being anything but a slave.His slave. I turn off the music, losing every sign of happiness. I focus on driving but I feel his red evil eyes on me, and his moking smirk sticking on his sharp ugly face.
When I arrived to London, I decide to change my destination and storm in Niall's flat. Single, he's definitly there playing FIFA. I want to change my mood.

Once I reached my best mate's place, I press the bell reapitidly, my only goal is annoying him. The door opens two minutes later and I see a smirking Niall which is very weird. I push him and walk in, just to find the other four lads sitting in the living room... smirking. I knee down, unzipping my brown old boots and throwing them in the hallway. As a general conclusion, I'm feeling awkward standing in the middle of the room, all eyes on me.
"What ?!" I finally shout.
Their smirks grow wider and I can hear the hubbub from my spot. I roll my eyes and sit with them.
"What's for dinner ?" I shrug.
They keep staring at me and laughing like I was an alien.Then, Louis speaks:
"I guess you're fine with a salad"
His strange suggestion makes me giggle.
"Salad ? I don't even remember the last ti- wait, what ?"
This is when I notice the "you're fine" part.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
Liam coughs fakely. The boys try to hold their laughter and look at Louis who says simply:

"You know... it's useful to keep fit and all..."
My eyebrows rise in surprise. I didn't expect this answer.
"And to look good" Niall continues.
"So you'll impress girls.." Zayn ends.
I frown at their statements.
"Look guys, I clearly don't understand what you meant by this so let's just order a pizza because I'm too hungry to think" I tell them, not paying attention at what just happned. My weird friends give me a "we know what you mean" look as I pick up my phone to order food.

Soon, seven pizzas are already on the table, the couch and the floor.Coke bottles spread everywhere. We are a boys' mess.
"Hey Haz' we didn't tell you something by the way." Louis, somehow, manages to speak with a full mouth.
"Mmmwhat ?" I reply, concentrating on the pepperoni slide I'm eating.
"Onie's coming tomorrow." He informs.
My heart starts to beat faster but I play it cool. The way Louis said this news makes me feel like there's something between her and me. The lads are staring , an expression of victory and pride is stuck on their faces. I find myself stumbling on my own words.
"O-okay." My voice is less confident than I wished.
"We met her yesterday." Liam begins. "She's a pretty cool girl."
I am surprized they saw Onie yesterday and already invited her to Niall's place.
The rest of the night, Zayn talks non stop about his girlfriend and Liam about his new dog.

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