Angels belong to the sky.


8. Eight

      I sit on the floor, running my hand in my hair over and over again. The fridge is full of snacks,Niall's flat cleaner than usual and all of the lads and I are waiting in the hallway. Suddenly, we hear a light knock. We, immediately stand together as Zayn opens the door.There she is, wearing tight blue jeans that fit perfectly on her, matching it with a simple printed shirt. Her brown hair falls messily on her shoulders, and her eyes... her eyes are hazel, so shining, so stunning.
"Onie !" Louis yells, making her giggle. Her laugh is one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.
"Hi guys" she greets, smiling.
She hugs each one of us, then we led her to the living room.
"What about twenty-one question ?" Louis shouts.
"God Tomlinson ! she just arrived and you're acting like a child already." Liam protests, rolling his eyes.
"No it's cool. We'll get to know each other like that." Onie remarks.
A loud "yeaaaah" comes out from Louis' mouth and he playfully high fives Onie.
We start by asking Zayn,Niall and Liam some really stupid questions but that allow our new friend to discover us. She, now, knows our favourite colours, movies, food, songs, clothes, pick up lines, pranks and hilarious jokes.Then, it's her turn, and I ask her:
"What's your favourite drink ?"
A simple question.
She bows her head, thinking before replying quitely:
"Cokes. Coffees in rainy days."
"It's weird..." Liam whispers,almost in shock."This is the first time I meet a British who dosen't put Cuppa at the top of the lines!"
She bursts in laughter. "I am not British."
All the heads turn to her at once. "I'm Tunisian, you know, the small beautiful country in the north of Africa."
An "Oh" fills the big room.
"You've got a cracking hot Arabic accent on you." Niall winks and I don't know why I wince.
Her cheeks flash and I find myself subconsciously admiring her face again, carefully watching her eyes look down and rise up nervously. She is cute. I should really stop checking her out because it's getting bizarre and I honestly don't have no clue what's wrong with me. I mean, I see millions of girls per day due to my job, but I've never scrutinize their features and details.
"Next." She says, smiling.
"Are you single ?" The words escape my mouth. I bit my lip and laugh nervously. I, mentally, slap myself... again. She looks deeply in my eyes, locking hers with mine together. A burning feeling expands over my face and I know I'm blushing so hard. I freaze there, not daring to move or to say anything. It's like I'm feeding her my power, because while she's simply looking at me like this, I feel numb and my brain stops thinking. Onie narrows her eyes then grins.
When she turned to Liam, to ask him something, I finally feel freedom. My mind start to process her words. A feeling of relief takes over me. I find myself back again to reality.
"Why are you here ?" It's Liam's turn to ask.
She hums for a second.
"I want to enter Oxford University. Besides, London is my dream city and I always wished to live here."
The excitement in her voice lightens her face. Her mesmerizing eyes seem brighter and brighter.
We spend the rest of the day playing truth and dare, messing around and watching movies. It's a warm friends lazy day and I'm very glad she's becoming one of us.

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