A Wonderful Accident

"Just accept the fact that you have a 12 year old daughter, okay Calum?" Luke said.

Calum Hood's world had been turned upside down when he found out he had a daughter.

"Twelve years, Luke. I missed twelve years of her life. Twelve years, I never knew about her. Twelve years she lived with Niall. And I'm going to make it up to her."


10. VMA'S

Luke's POV

*August 24*

I was pacing back and forth. We're performing at the VMA'S. THE VMA'S. I can't do this. I'm gonna mess up. I'm gonna ruin the performance. I know it.

"Uncle Lukey, calm down. You're gonna be amazeballs out there. You've done this before. You're not gonna ruin anything, okay? It's gonna be awesome." Nya said to me. Wow, it worked. "How in the world did you do that!?" I asked as I hugged her. "My friends tend to need comforting." She answered. She laughed when I spun her around. "Luke, we're on soon." Ashton said to me. I nodded. "Remember the plan." Calum whispered to me. Oh yeah, the surprise. The surprise is...

Nya's POV

"Break a leg, guys!!!" I exclaimed. Dad looked at me in confusion. "Don't actually break your leg. It's just something people say before a show, dad." I said. He nodded. They went on stage and performed Amnesia.

*after Wamwesia*

"Okay guys, instead of two songs by us, why not have one song sung by us and the last song sung by someone special." Uncle Luke said. What are they talking about? "We found her in her room singing a song and it was just sad. She wrote it for a friend of hers. She wrote it in her friend's perspective." Uncle Ash said. Please don't be talking about me, please don't be talking about me. "Here's my daughter, NYA JADE HOOD." Dad yelled. Dammit, I jinxed it. Dad came to get me. "What song am I singing!?" I asked him. I don't know what the hell they were talking about. "The song we caught you playing a fee days ago." He answered. Oh, that song. Dad dragged me onstage. I could see the One Direction boys smiling at me. Urgh. I sat down on a stool and uncle Luke handed me an acoustic guitar and put a mic in front of me. "This song is called Stop and it was written for my best friend Dalton Reynolds." I said into the mic.

I'm holding on for my dear life

To the railing on the roof

And the ground below me looks up and says

"What are you gonna do?

Are you gonna throw it all away?

Gonna end it all or not?"

And I'm waiting for the phone to ring

To hear your voice again

Cuz you're the only one who can save me from this dark and lonely end

And it's getting colder by the second

Surrounded by these forget-me-nots

And second thoughts

And I want them to stop

Please stop,


Please stop,

Well the ground is looking softer every second that I wait

And the rain is stinging on my skin

As tears fall down my face

And I hold your picture in my hand

So you'll be with me when I go

And I recall the moments that led me to this

All of my mistakes

I say goodbye to all my memories

And lies to my face

Cuz I was hurting on the inside so,

I hurt myself on the outside too

But then came you

And you begged me to stop

Please stop,


Please stop,

And I walk up to the edge

And I kiss your picture goodbye

And I turn around to lean back

And I see you, with your hand out screaming stop

Please stop,


Please stop,

But you were just a little too late

I touched your fingers on my way down

Falling faster than I fell for you

And when I look up I

See you looking down on me

Screaming, crying, begging, pleading, weeping

That's when everything





I looked at the crowd. It was silent. But then suddenly they all started cheering and standing and applauding. I wasn't expecting that. Uncle Niall ran onstage and gave me a giant bear hug. I was still in shock. The rest of the 1D boys came onstage and joined the hug. The 5SOS boys joined the hug. The crowd 'aww'ed. The boys let go of me and I ran offstage. That's when I broke down.

Why, Dalton? Why?

A/n I'm just guessing what's gonna happen at the VMA'S okay!? Okay. The song is originally by Dalton Rapattoni from Fly Away Hero

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