The Return of the Wolverine

When Rosalie Stark breaks up with her fiancé, James Howlett (Logan, a.k.a. The Wolverine) to follow a path to God, she leaves a broken hearted Logan in a coffee shop with the ring and sets out to find herself, telling him that when he can find God and Jesus, they'll lead him to her.

Then, ten years later he comes back, having found her through God and Jesus and then asks for her to come back to him. He runs into a problem; shes already engaged to another guy! What can he do? What WILL he do?!

**Disclaimer: The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


3. Uncle Logan



“Uncle Logan?” I call as I run down the stairs, almost slipping on the doggy chew toy that lay in the middle of the wooden stairs. I hope the security cameras weren’t on. That would be a sight, a teenage girl in blue cloud pyjamas with bright yellow duck slippers on slipping down a few stairs.

“Mia!” I scream. Quickly I pick up the ratty chew toy so when I passed the toy basket I could chuck it in. I stormed through the living room until I reach the giant dog room where there is a dog bed where Max and Mia sat curled up into a ball together. So cute. I just toss the plastic into the basket before I slip into the kitchen almost falling once more. I grab a bottle of water out of the double fridge with some fruits. I wander up to the blender and make two healthy smoothies type things but with coconut water in it as well. After I drink my drink I cover Uncle Logan’s in Clingfilm before I head back upstairs to change. For around an hour I do some training with a punch bag before I realise Uncle Logan still isn’t home so I grab a quick shower. As soon as I walk down stairs Uncle Logan walks in the door, tears streaming down his face reddened face.


“What happened?” I immediately ask pulling him into my arms.


He sniffed at the same time he rubbed his running nose, “you were right Pen.”

“About what?” I guide my Uncle towards to couch hoping for an explanation. It took a while, a few tissues and a few hugs before he explained everything.


“I’m so sorry Logan…” I rub his arm up and down trying to comfort him but on the inside I felt my blood slowly boiling to the point where I felt myself transforming without warning.


“Calm Penelope!” he yells, placing his claws on my arm, piercing three holes into my arm. When he pulled out they had disappeared my unnatural powers shining bright, “Logan, I’m not sitting around here watching you sulk because some guy, whom isn’t half as good looking as you, took your girl but I’m going to tell you something okay?”


“Thanks for the good looking comment,” he laughed but soon his smile turned back into a frown, he suddenly remembered that I was going to give him some information, “hit me,” he placed his large head on my tiny shoulders and listened to me.


“Ever since you brought me in I knew you were an amazing man. You clothed me, fed me and taught me how to be the best me I could be. Now Rosalie was a lovely girl… woman… whatever but if she can’t see that you love her then she is blind. Uncle Logan you are an amazing person, powers or not, you will always be my Uncle and I will love you unconditionally… Even if you don’t get Mia a bow I will still love you.”


With that I give his forehead a peck before using my speed to climb the stairs, from the top of the stairs I hear him chuckling, “I’m not putting a pink bow on a Rottweiler!”


As I walk into my room I’m greeted by a list of my powers that I have recently discovered:


Shape shifting

Bending the elements



I pace around my room feeling bad for Logan, I soon reach the mirror and cringe at what I see. I see a tall-ish girl, a white scar fading down my cheek, make-upless, faded bluey-green eyes, scruffy and her brown hair in knots on top of her head.

I decide I have a plan. I let down my hair and place the bobble around my wrist, my hair now turning blonde, my pale skin tanning slightly, my faded eyes turning vibrant once again, my scar now completely gone leaving me full make-up and hair, leaving me fresh and full of mischief. Without thinking of the consequences I change into more of an appropriate attire, more of a business look. I quickly scrawled out a note to Logan before jumping into the tree beside my window which helped me hoist myself down.


I’m getting a job at Stark Industries…



AN Hey guys my name is Shannon aka An_Unpredictable_Life and I am a co-writer for this story. I hope you like me :)

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