5SOS imagines

Title says it all :) I write imagines for 5sos. Thank you :)

Please comment down below what you would like your story to be like. Like this:


2. Lily

You were assigned to do a project with the new kid, Ashton Irwin, because he was new to the school and your Science teacher trusts you to help him. You guys decided during free period that you were going to his house to study.


------End Of School------


You walked out of school with the books that you needed whilst scanning the parking lot for Ashton. Out of nowhere, Ashton pops up behind you.

"Hey, Lily!" Ashton says as he taps you on your back.

"God, Ashton. You scared me." you say as you follow him towards his black convertible.


Ashton's POV

During the car ride to my house, we start to talk about ourselves and I don't know, but, I think I'm starting to fall for her...? As we were talking, I mentioned that I could play the drums pretty well, and she seemed pretty intrigued. Maybe I should teach her?


As we reached the house, we immediately headed upstairs to my room and started to study and I must say, she was gorgeous even when she was studying. An hour into studying, and we decided that we should have a break. This is the time.

"Hey! I thought I may show you my drum kit? Maybe you can help me determine if I really am a good drummer." I said plastering a cheecky smile. She nodded excitely as I lead her to another room next to mine and showed my drums to her.


Lily's POV

"Wow. These seem cool. Can you teach me, maybe?" I asked him hoping that he would agree. I was starting to like him, actually. He let out a little laugh that was irresistable and said "Yes".


He let me sit down on his chair so he could guide me on how to play the drums. As I sat down, he took my hands in his large ones. 5 minutes into the lesson, we kissed.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Ashton asked me with an irresistable gaze in his eyes.


A/N: This is my first ever imagine so I hope you like it...? Thanks for reading. :)

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