15SOD (1D/5SOS Fanfiction)

Katie Waters is 18 and happy. She is taking her little sister Elly to a 1D/5SOS concert. But that concert has some hidden love waiting for her
Luke Hemmings is bored. Girls love him, but he never feels any sparks. But Katie, will change that.
Niall Horan is living in the moment. He loves being a player. Everyone says Harry is the player, but really, its Niall. But Katie, is also going to change that.
Will Katie choose Niall or Luke?
Or will she slip from both their grasps?




"THANK YOU KATIE!" My sister Elly screamed as she looked at the tickets I gave her. "Save those screams for the concert Elly! Who knows, maybe Zayn or Calum will here you!" I joked and ruffled her hair. She smiled. "They may here me, but they would think your WAY cuter!" She giggled. "Oh my god! Your such a 14 year old!" I pretended to be annoyed. "And your such an 18 year old." She mimicked my stance. "Very funny. You better get started on your poster for the concert." She pouted. "I don't have any paper big enough." She looked up at me. "OK. I will go get you some from the store. Stay. Here. I will be back soon. Text me if anything bad happens." She rolled her eyes. "Yes mother!" I laughed and walked out the door.


I walked into the store. I was wearing sunglasses and a hoodie so no one would see it was me. I bumped into a girl sending her falling to the ground. "Im so sorry!" I quickly helped her up. "No problem. It was my fault. I was to busy looking for ear plugs to block out millions of girls screams." I looked at her confused. "Oh, sorry, haha. I am taking my little sister to the One Direction 5 Seconds Of Summer concert." She smiled. "Oh. Are you a fan too?" I was worried she mite realize who I was and she was pretty. "I like their music, but if I met them in person, I would just be like 'Hi! Can I have an autograph for my sister please?' I wouldn't scream or anything, whats the point of that?" She laughed. "OK good." I took a picture of me and signed my name without showing her. "Whats your sisters name?" I asked. "Elly, why?" I signed the picture and gave it to her. "Thats why." I smiled and took my glasses off. "Oh my god! Thank you! My sister is going to be so happy!" I smiled. "Want a picture with me so you can prove you met me?" I smiled and felt myself blushing. I just wanted to be close to her. "Um, sure!" I took her phone and stood beside her. I took a picture and handed it back. "Thanks!" She smiled. "Any time! Maybe I will see you at the concert. OK I gotta go, bye!" I waved and walked off.

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