15SOD (1D/5SOS Fanfiction)

Katie Waters is 18 and happy. She is taking her little sister Elly to a 1D/5SOS concert. But that concert has some hidden love waiting for her
Luke Hemmings is bored. Girls love him, but he never feels any sparks. But Katie, will change that.
Niall Horan is living in the moment. He loves being a player. Everyone says Harry is the player, but really, its Niall. But Katie, is also going to change that.
Will Katie choose Niall or Luke?
Or will she slip from both their grasps?


1. Some Info For You All

So I just became a fan of 5SOS today soooo, I dont know much about them. So I apologies if I write somthing about them that is WAY wrong. Do u guys know any websites I could go on to find out more of there personalitys? 

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