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9. Carter For Maria

You Were Texting Your Best Friend Carter Before Going To Bed. He Was Asking You All Of These Questions About Prom. You Texted Him Saying That You Probably Aren't Going To Go Since No One Has Asked You Yet. He Replied By Saying Oh Well "Goodnight Maria See You Tomorrow 😊 You Text Back Saying Good Night Cartah. ☺️ You Get Your Pajamas On And Get In Bed. Once You Lay In Bed You Here A Tapping Noise On Your Window. You Go To Your Window And Open It.
You See Jack G. Holding A Sign Saying "Will", Jack J. Holding A Sign Saying "You", Matthew Holding A Sign Saying "Go", Hayes Holding A Sign That Says "To", Nash Holding A Sign That Says "Prom", Cameron Holding A Sign That Says "With", Aaron Holding A Sign That Has An Arrow, And Taylor And Shawn Holding Carter. 
You Gasp And You Feel Yourself Start To Tear Up. You Smile Widely At Carter And He Smiles Back. You Run Down Stairs And Go Out To Your Backyard Where Everyone Is. "Will You Go To Prom With Me, Maria?" Carter Asks You. You Nod Your Head And Walk Closer To Carter As Shawn And Taylor Set Him Down. You Hug Him," Of Course I'll Go To Prom With You!" You Say And Kiss Him On The Cheek. The Boys All Cheer And Carter Hugs Back With A Huge Smile On His Face.
I Feel Like It Wasn't That Good.. Oh Well.. Here You Go Maria (:


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