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2. #1 How You And Him Met

Sorry If They Kinda Suck.. I'm Sorta Writing These At 4 In The Morning


#1 How You And Him Met

Cameron~ You were walking home from work and it was late at night. You and Cameron bumped into each other while he was walking to his car. He offered you a ride home and asked for your number. After texting and calling for a while, he finally asks you on a date, and since then you guys have been the happiest couple.

Carter~ You were at Magcon and went to his meet and greet. He saw you in line and instantly fell in love. When you got to the front of the line he asked you if you would like to hangout sometime. The both of you went to go do something after Magcon and instantly clicked together.

Jack G.~ You and Jack G. met in an alley when he was trying to get away from some fans that were running after him, and he asked you for help. You let Jack G. into your house to hide out for a while, and you and him talked during this time. After hours of talking Jack G. asked you out to dinner and since then you and him have been inseparable.

Nash~ You were walking through the park when A very familiar little girl walks up to. It was Skylynn and she was lost. You help her look for Hayes and Nash and soon you find them. Nash thanks you for finding her and you have a conversation with him while Skylynn and Hayes went to play on the playground together. Nash arranges something to wear once a week you two will meet up at the park to hang out. After two months of this arrangement Nash gets the nerve to ask you out.

Jack J.~ You and your friend were hanging out in her living room on the couch. Jack G., your friend's brother, walks in to come watch tv with his friend Jack J.. You and your friend were sitting in the middle of the couch and refused to move, so Jack G. sits next to his sister and Jack J. sits next to me. He introduces himself properly then says that he had seen me around and would like to take me out some time so you give him your number. The next day he calls and takes you out on the first date of many.

Taylor~ You were walking in the mall and turned the corner to have ran into someone. You immediately apologize to Taylor and he chuckles saying that it was all his fault and not yours. You and Taylor have a short conversation but he ends it by saying 'Well I Should Get Going, But I Would Like To Keep In Touch. ' He winks then hands you his phone and you put your number in. Later that week, you and him hang out and soon find out that you and Taylor are meant for each other.

Aaron~ You were at build a bear to well, build a bear when Aaron walks up. He stands next to you and says that he could cuddle better than your bear. You giggle and say 'Nice One' while continuing to build. Aaron helps you then ends up paying for the bear for you.

Hayes~ You were sitting at a school dance alone when a slow dance comes on. You sit there and watch as everyone dances. Hayes then comes up to you and offers you a dance while saying 'May I Have This Dance'. You and Hayes slow dance and when the dance is over he walks you back to the bleachers. He slips you a piece of paper that has his number on it before walking back to his friends.

Shawn~ Shawn was walking down the street when he heard your beautiful voice. He saw you sitting on a stool playing guitar and singing. He walked past and dropped two twenty dollar bills in your guitar case and a piece of paper that said : If You Would Like, Maybe We Could Sing A Duet Sometime..? If So Here Is My Number~ 555-1234. You pick up the note, read then stick it in your pocket and Nod at him.

Matthew~ You were skating on your penny board when both of your back wheels started getting loose and fell off. You flew back and almost hit the ground, but someone caught you. You turned to see who it was and thanked him. Matt helped you find the wheels and carry your board into Starbucks so you and him could get a Starbucks and talk a little.



Author's Note


Once Again Sorry If It Sucks..

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