My Brother's Band

Hi, I'm Scarlet Styles. Harry's little sister. I was bullied growing up, and that wasn't always the easiest thing. The only person who understood me was Harry. He had to leave to go on tour with his stupid band though, and I wasn't able to see him for a year. He's back now, but he wants me to meet his band. That's the last thing I want to do in the world. I hate them. They took MY brother away from me. But my opinion about them obviously, changes once I meet Liam Payne.


6. 6

Louis was being dared something I don't know what. I really wasn't paying much attention anymore, when my phone rang. It was my mum. I missed her so much I hadnt seen her since Christmas which was 9 months ago. I picked up the call and told her to hang on a moment and paused the call. 

"Harry phone call" I said as I  walked into another room and put the call on speaker phone. 

"Who is it?" He asked and followed me into my room. 


"MUM!" Harry's eyes lit up and mum laughed. 

"How are you guys doing?" Mum asked sweetly

"Very well. How are you doing?" I answered. 

"Wonderful, thank you for asking, but I called because I've been hearing rumours about you guys on the television and on the radio, in fact I just watched your interview with Jimmy today! Now, Scarlet, how come you didn't tell me you were dating Liam?" I could hear the sadness in mum's voice.

"I was going to, I just wanted to wait until the right time." I answered making it all up. 

"All right, but Liam better be treating you right, or I give Harry permission to kick his ass." Mum said. Both Harry and I laughed.

"It's okay mum, Scarlet and I have already had the talk." Harry said looking at me and sticking his tongue out. I rolled my eyes.

"Scarlet, honey, could you go get Liam? I would like to talk to him." 

"Yes mum." I obeyed and Harry talked to mum about something I don't know about. I went into the other room where the boys had ditched Truth or Dare and found the game system and were playing Fifa on the couch. I snuck up behind Liam and gave him a kiss on the crock of his neck. 

"Youre back" he said and smiled while he stood up and gave me a peck on the lips.

"I am, but my mum would like to talk to you babe."

"Am I in trouble?" He asked and made a weird face.

"No, my mum just wants to talk." 

"Okay then" he said and picked me up by the waist and put me over his shoulder. I slipped my hand down his pants and pinched his asscheek. 

"Hey!" He said and slapped my own butt. Payback.

"I'll get you later." He whispered into my ear and introduced himself to my mom. They talked for a while and laughed it was actually quite entertaining. 

"Well I have to get going I have lunch plans."mum said. Harry and I told her our 'I love you' s' and hung up

"Your mum is real nice" Liam said to both of us. Harry and I both made a double chin smile.

"She likes me better though" I said 

"No she doesn't she's loved me longer because I'm older." Harry said. 

"But she loves me more now" I said confidently.

"Whatever" Harry said. Liam watched us fight like four year olds and stared at us like we were complete mentals. Oh well. 



Hey my lovelies sorry for not updating in a while. School just started back up for me again and I've been getting lots of homework and not even time to update. I just wanted to say HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!! I love you with all ny heart! So I updated today in favor of Liam so yeah. I promise to update every Friday no matter what, but I might also update on Thursdays and Tuesday's, it depends on my schedule. Thank you so much for reading and sorry for the short chapter, but I promise the next one will be more interesting. I'll update when I get 11 likes and 110 reads !


Stay beautiful,


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