Oopsy daisy

Daisy is your average pretty, clumsy, blonde girl at any school. Her life was as perfect as it could be, roof over her head, food in her stomach and clothes on her back and a life where she is always the strange one. But when her mum gets some news, that has been keeping her in Canada for 15 years, their whole life will be flipped upside down.

Troye was living his 'ordinary' life. Going off to vidcon with his best friends for 2 or 3 months, going back home to his brothers and dad or going off and staying with his friend Tyler Oakley. But then the biggest shock of his life comes.


1. characters


Clumsy, Blonde hair, not very quick when it comes to figuring things out, kind, sweet, blue eyes, always has perfect nails, always has a sparkle in her outfit, type of girl most boys fall for, funny, outgoing, great singer, lives in Canada with her mum, never been kissed, never been out on a date, never been called pretty (most people have no idea why).


Brown hair, blue eyes, weird, always has a quiff in his hair, has a YouTube channel where he vlogs at least every week, lived in Australia but is on your with vidcon most of his time, people say he is good at singing but he never believes them, usually just wears casual clothes.

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