Oopsy daisy

Daisy is your average pretty, clumsy, blonde girl at any school. Her life was as perfect as it could be, roof over her head, food in her stomach and clothes on her back and a life where she is always the strange one. But when her mum gets some news, that has been keeping her in Canada for 15 years, their whole life will be flipped upside down.

Troye was living his 'ordinary' life. Going off to vidcon with his best friends for 2 or 3 months, going back home to his brothers and dad or going off and staying with his friend Tyler Oakley. But then the biggest shock of his life comes.


2. chapter 1--- don't call me little nugget


First let me explain this to you. Daisy lived an ordinary life. No big fights with her mum or her friends. She visited her dad's grave every day after school (he died from cancer 6 weeks after she was born) and her mum was just about to re-marry a English banker in a few months. She couldn't have asked for a better life.

Then there what's Troyes life. He was traveling the world and getting paid for doing what he loved. He would come home from vidcon and his brothers and his dad would always go out and celebrate. Yet the only thing that disappoints him still is that his mother died in a car crash when he was only 1 1/2. He never remembered her but his father always said she was amazing. He still wishes every night just to see her face, for something to know who she was and what she did.


Daisy fell off her bright blue bike for what felt like the 20th time this afternoon. "Uugh!" She moaned as she picked up her bike and wheeled it to the front gates of the graveyard. She jumped the fence and landed with a thud, on her feet this time. "Smrick, shontie, tivean." She said walking down grass looking at the gravestones. "mockin, Mitch, mellet, Memphis" she said walking along and stopping at the last gravestone. "Shaun Memphis. Died fighting brain cancer. My his soul rest in peace with the angels." She said reading her dad's engraving out loud even though no one else was there. "Hey dad. It's me, daisy. Today was another normal day at school. Boring and hard. I still have that feeling like something is missing out of my life. I still think it's you. So yeah. Mums good. She's getting married in 2 months and me and Jackie are the flower girls. Jackie is good. Still my best friend as always. Anyway I better get going. Bye dad" she said before pulling a flower out her hair and putting it on top of the grave. "I'll see you on Monday." She turned around and started heading home.

Troye was sitting on the empty stage in a stadium, somewhere in Canada, with school books spread out all in front of him doing his annoying math homework. "Hey! Troye! Whatcha doing?" Tyler Oakley said suiting down next to him. "Eww math." "Eww math exactly" Troye said looking at Tyler "what do you want Tilly? I need to finish this plus 100 other assignments by the time I get back home. Which is in about 2 weeks." Troye said going back to his homework. "I came to tell you that show starts in 2 hours. How are you feeling anyway?" Tyler said closing Troyes maths book and looking at him. "I'm fine. Just need to finish this" troye said trying to open his math book again. "No. How ARE you? Honestly. Don't forget I can read you like a book you little nugget." "Don't call me a little nugget. And truthfully? I feel different since we arrived here. Like I've found something, but lost something at the same time." Troye said getting up and packing all his stuff up. "I'm gonna go find dad." Troye said walking off the stage. Troye was lucky that his dad and brothers came on the around the world vidcon tour.

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