The Fallen Angel

One day in the heavens, a girl had decided to do somethings she knew was wrong but hoped no one would find out. But someone did, and reported her. She was pushed out of the heavens and had to survive on her own, and fight demonic creatures to earn the life in heaven again. But one night, she was captured. When she woke up, she was in a dark place. She soon becomes face to face with devil, but she is too weak to fight back. "After all, you were running this way all along."


1. Fallen

                                           Charmeine's (Sh-ARE-min) POV

          "Charm. Time to wake up, darling. School is in an hour." I hear my mom say as I flutter my eyes open.

         "Okay." My mom walks out of the room as I slowly stand up. I walk to the bathroom and wash my face. I smile at my self in  the mirror.

          As I brush my hair, I see that my hair has grown a lot.

          I french braid my hair and out on some nice clothes with some white toms.

          "I'm ready mother." I say while walking into the kitchen.

           "Okay. But before we go, I want you to eat something." 

           She was probably right, but I wasn't hungry. "No thanks. I'm not that hungry."

           "Charm, you must eat." She said with a bit of spice in her voice. "I'm fine mom."

            "Just look at your stomach!" I look down to see a flat, skinny stomach. I look up to see my mom close to tears.

            "Mom. I didn't mean to cry, i'm just not hungry these days. I'll walk to school today" I say as I walk out the door.

            As i'm walking, I think of somethings just to make people mad. I smirk to myself.

            I walk into the classroom and I see Marcus talking to Evan. Oh how cute Marcus bad I will never be good enough. And as I turn around, I spot my target. I walk up to Alicia.

            "Hey. I know what you do at night with Evan." I smirk and make air kisses towards her.

            "Buzz off, Charmeine." And she walks away from me, and I see her blush when she walks past Evan. 

             I suddenly see Marcus looking at me. I smile real quick and he smiles back. I just stare into those deep brown eyes that can hypnotize you.

            I turn and take my seat right next to my friend.

            "I saw what you did to Alicia. Why do you have to be so mean?"

            "Why do you have to be so nosy?" I snap at her.

             I just look to the front. Almost time for the begging of class.

             The speaker goes off. 

              "Charmeine, to the office please. Charmeine to the office."

             My stomach gets butterflies and I slowly stand up. I hear everyone laugh but they are tuned out.

           As I make it to the office, I am told to sit down.

           "So, Charmeine. We heard you were saying some rude things to Alicia?"

           "Yes, Ma'am."


             I look down into my lap. "I don't know...."

            "Charmeine, you must do better."

             My head flicks up and anger boils inside of me.

            "I must do better? NO! YOU MUST DO BETTER!" I stand up from my chair and so does the principle.

            "Don't you dare raise your voice at me! You are an angel!"

             "Doesn't mean I have to act like one!"

              As I turn to walk out the door, she grabs my arm. I spin around quickly and punch her right in the eye. I watch her fall to the ground. My wings Out as far as they can go, showing my anger.

             Before I knew it, guard angels tied up my wings and grabbed both arms to keep me from fighting back. And to my horror, the whole school was in the hall watching me getting taken away. I spot Marcus and he looks at me straight in the eyes. I quickly look down.

             When they finally let me go, I looked up. I saw a man in front of me but did not see is face.

             "Charmeine, what has gotten into you?" His voice was deep.

            "I don't know, sir." I reply, my voice shaking.

             "You must change."

             "I refuse to change. I am who I am and nobody can ever change that!" I say raising my voice. My wings try to spread open but is still tied.

               " Then I must do it."

               "Do what?"

                "You are now......fallen..."

                The word fallen echoed in my head.

                Guard angels grabbed my arms and and dragged me out of the room out into public where everyone was standing.

                 Tears started pouring out my eyes. "Please......don't do this.....please."

                  I look at everyone.......but my eyes stop at Marcus....something about him froze me. And when I didn't walk with the Guard Angels they picked me up. Everyone followed until they stopped at the hole.


                  They gently pushed me towards the hole, but they stopped right at the edge.

                  "Any last words?"


                  "Well say them now before it's too late."

                  I turn around and look towards Marcus. "Marcus," he looks towards me, "I love-" but before I could finish the two Guards pushed me down the hole. Everything went black.


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