Luke Hemmings: Father Of My Child

Amy Kindel is a normal girl;
Untill she meets her new best friend; Luke Hemmings. When he asks her to be her girlfriend, she gets over exited. When she had to spend the night at his house, 2 weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Luke's child. What will happen to them? Will she still love him? Or will she love someone else? Read to find out. It's at Amy's POV the whole story.


10. Chapter 9

"Ashton, thank you soooooo much for the date!" "No problem babe! I have something to tell you though" "yeah?" "I'm in a band with Luke, Michael, and Calum. It's called Five Seconds Of Summer, and we are having our first practice at Luke's. Wanna come?" "Sure! That would be fun! Just promise that Luke won't try anything!" He nodded. We were in school now. My stomach was bigger than it was, and was getting embarrassing! People would point and say,"Look at that fat bitch! She needs to lose weight!" That would hurt me, and I would hug onto Ashton and cry softly into his shoulder. He would comfort me, and stroke my hair softly. I would feel better then, and we would continue on to our day. I was now five months pregnant, and I was scared, it being only four months for when the baby would arrive. Luke was getting more annoying over the past few days, saying things like,"Hey, wanna come over and do some 'Stuff'?" Then he would laugh like he was crazy, and walk away. "Babe? Babe? Are you on planet Outa Space or something?" Ashton asked, making me laugh. Luke came strolling up. "Hey Ashton, do you think we can have practice at your place instead of mine? Mines a bit of a mess" "Yeah, sure mate!" "Thanks, man!" Luke looked over at me. "And look who's getting fatter?" "Well, I AM pregnant..." "Oh, I forgot" "How can you forget?! It's your fucking baby, Luke! How can you forget?!" "Sorry Amy, I thought you didn't care about me anymore, but you do!" "I never said-" Luke broke me off by kissing me. I pushed him away. "I am dating your best friend! What is your problem?" "Umm, babe?" "Yes Ashton?" "We should get to class, the bell rung fifteen minutes ago..." "It did?" He nodded. I laughed. "Let's go babe!" We walked to class together, with Luke staring after us with a sad face. Did he really still love me? Or was it a act? Should I give him another chance? No. He no longer deserves you. Ashton does. I agreed with myself. "Amy. Ashton. Luke. Why are y'all late?" "Sorry, sir. We had trouble finding our lockers" Ashton lied. "Ok. Take a seat please, and open your books to chapter 10"..."Class is dismissed. Have a good day". As me and Ashton walked towards our lockers, Luke caught up with us. "Sorry Amy. It's just that u still really like you and-" "Sorry Luke, but I don't feel the same. I'm with Ash now, and you have to accept that" "Ash?" "Yes, it's your knew nickname" "ok?" I started laughing, and so did he. "Ugg, school is so freaking boring!" "I know right?" I agreed. ~THREE MONTHS LATER~ "Ugg! I can't go to school like this!" I groaned to Ashton, who was trying to make me go to school. All of a sudden, I felt like I had pissed my pants. "OMG! MY WATER BROKE! THE BABYS COMING! THE BABYS COMING!" I screamed in pain. "Ok ok, what do I do what do I do? Call the hospital! Of corse!" He called the hospital. "Um yes, my girlfriend is going into labor-pause-ok-pause-ok-pause-ok thank you. They'll be here in 5 minutes! Hold on babe, hold on!" I was screaming in pain. Chelsea rushes in. "OMG! WHAT IS HAPPENING! I CAN HEAR YALL IN MY HOUSE!" She saw me. "OMG! WHA-" "we're here!" The hospital person called. They rushed me into the ambulance. "Hey wait! Lemme in there!" "Sorry, son. You can't go in there" "but WHY!" "Babe, just meet us at the hospital!" I yelled at him as calmly as I could. He nodded. "Call Luke!" He nodded again, and called him. We arrived at the hospital, and they rushed me into a room. "Who do you want in here with you? You can only have 2 people!" "Ashton and Chelsea!" I stuttered. They called them in, and they rushed to my side. "Ok, on the count of three, push!" "Three!" I pushed as hard as I could, probably breaking Ashton's hand. "Ok, again!" I pushed again. "Ok one more time!" I pushed again. I was weak as hell, and as soon as I heard a baby cry, I fell into a deep, much needed sleep...

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