Luke Hemmings: Father Of My Child

Amy Kindel is a normal girl;
Untill she meets her new best friend; Luke Hemmings. When he asks her to be her girlfriend, she gets over exited. When she had to spend the night at his house, 2 weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Luke's child. What will happen to them? Will she still love him? Or will she love someone else? Read to find out. It's at Amy's POV the whole story.


9. Chapter 8

We arrived at school. Everyone was staring at us, and some whispered,"slut! She was with Luke 2 weeks ago!" I turned to them. "As if you don't know, Luke dumped me for another girl! And now I'm dating Ashton! I just wanna be happy" "sorry!" They said in a sarcastic tone. I sighed. "Whatever" I muttered. I walked back over to Ashton. "Sorry. Had to tell someone something" he nodded. He was about to say something, but Chelsea came running up, crying. "Luke broke up with me!" She sobbed into my shoulder. "Oh, Chelsea! Luke's a big jerk! He doesn't treat beautiful girls like you with respect!" I told her. Luke came running up. "Amy, I was wondering if you wanted to get back together with me?" "HELL NO!! I'm dating Ashton, you doućhe bag! Leave me and my friends alone! All you do is hurt everyone and everything that matters to me! Just go!" Ashton tried to punch Luke, but he caught his fist, and knocked Ashton to the ground. "Babe?!" I cried, leaning down to check on him. Chelsea did the same. "Ashton's knocked out. I think Luke gave him a bad hit, that's all" Chelsea stated. I nodded. Luke picked me up and pushed me against the locker. "And now for the best part!" He exclaimed, hunger and lust in his eyes. I gave him a scared look. "Please don't hurt me!" The baby kicked me again. "OW!" I screamed. "I didn't do anything" "my baby kicked me" "Our" "no just mine now" "whatever". He pushed me against the locker again and started kissing my neck, and tried taking my shirt off. I started crying. Thankfully, Ashton woke up, and punched Luke in the balls. I ran over and hugged him. "Thank you!" I thanked him, hugging him harder. Luke got up. "Stop it, Ashton. She and I will always be connected by our baby. So just let her go and let her be mine" I stared at Ashton. "Please, never let me go!" I whispered in his ear. "Luke, she is mine, and I will NEVER LET HER GO!" He took my hand, and we walked out if the school. "Looks like we're skipping today!" Ashton stated. I nodded. "Thank you! You saved me from him!" "For you, I would catch a grenade for ya! Throw my hand on a blade for ya! Ya know is do anything for ya!" He sang. I started laughing. "Your adorable!" I told him. He started blushing. We drove back to Ashton's house. He started kissing me. The baby kicked. "Ow!" He laughed. "The baby again?" I nodded and started laughing.

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