Luke Hemmings: Father Of My Child

Amy Kindel is a normal girl;
Untill she meets her new best friend; Luke Hemmings. When he asks her to be her girlfriend, she gets over exited. When she had to spend the night at his house, 2 weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Luke's child. What will happen to them? Will she still love him? Or will she love someone else? Read to find out. It's at Amy's POV the whole story.


4. Chapter 3

"Babe, we're here" Luke said, throwing me out of my thoughts. "Wha?" "We're at my house" "oh. Ok". He gave me a funny look. "Did you forget?" He asked, amused. "No, no, just lost in my train of thoughts" I told him. He nodded. "Let's go". That sounded forced. Hmm. Wonder if he's thinking about dinner? I asked myself. You are confusing, Mr. Hemmings. Very confusing. "What do you want for dinner?" He asked me. I shrugged. "You pick" "ok. I'm gonna make pasta. Sound ok?" I nodded. "Sounds great!" He walked into the kitchen. Hmm. Wonder what he's thinking. "Hello? Are you ok, Amy?" "Wha? Oh, yeah, I'm ok" "good! Dinner is served!" After dinner, we watched Scary Movie 3, and we were laughing our butts off. Middle of the movie, Luke turned toward me and started kissing me. I kissed back. It started to get really heated, and Luke took off his shirt. He then took off mine and my bra. He ripped if my shorts and panties. He then took of his. We were on the couch, completely nude. He pushed into me. I moaned. He started going harder and harder. I moaned louder. He went faster and faster. He cumed into me. "That was fun" he whispered in my ear. I nodded. Smirking, he picked me up and threw me on his bed. "I'm tired! I'm going to sleep!" I moaned. He nodded at me. I cuddled into his chest. Did I really just do that? What will mom say? Did he wear a condemn? That part scared me. I didn't remember him putting one on. "Luke?" I asked. "Yeah, babe?" "Did you wear a condemn?" " I don't think so!" He said, his voice shaking. I fainted after he said that. BLEEP!! BLEEP!! BLEEP!! "Stupid alarm!" I heard Luke mutter. "Did last night really happen?" I asked. "Yeah" he said, his voice quivering. "What if I'm...?" "NO! DONT SAY IT! YOUR NOT PREGNANT! YOUR NOT PREGNANT!" He yelled at me. I looked at him, taken aback. "I'm sorry" he told me softly. "I just don't wanna think about it" "I understand" I told him gently. "I'm scared too". "We better get to school" he said suddenly. I nodded. "I'm gonna go get my clothes". He nodded. I ran down the stairs. "Clothes, clothes, where are you clothes?" I asked myself. "There you are!" I quickly put them on. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded. Here we go. Another day in torture, and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.

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