Luke Hemmings: Father Of My Child

Amy Kindel is a normal girl;
Untill she meets her new best friend; Luke Hemmings. When he asks her to be her girlfriend, she gets over exited. When she had to spend the night at his house, 2 weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Luke's child. What will happen to them? Will she still love him? Or will she love someone else? Read to find out. It's at Amy's POV the whole story.


11. Chapter 10

"Why won't she wake up?!" I heard Luke growl at the doctor. "Yeah, why not!" I heard Ashton and Chelsea groan at the same time. I groaned, and forced open my eyes. "There! She's awake! Be happy now!" The doctor told them, quickly rushing out the room. "Babe? How are you?" I put my thumbs down. "Aww! Wanna hold your baby?" "Is it a boy or girl?" "Girl" I nodded in excitement. "What are you going to name it?" Chelsea whispered. "London Rose Irwin" "Irwin?" Luke shouted. "How about Hemmings? I'm the father, not him!" "Who was there to comfort me while I was pregnant? Ashton and Chelsea. Not you. And who broke up with me? You. Not Ashton. Not Chelsea. So why do you think?" He slowly hung his head and nodded. "Oh, cheer up, Hemmings! It's not like we can't be friends still!" I laughed. He looked up, smiling. "Really?" I nodded. He walked over and have me a hug. Ashton walked over and handed me my baby. She looked just like me, accept she had Luke's big blue eyes, and his hair color. "She looks just like you!" Ashton beamed. I laughed. "Look! She has my eyes and hair color!" Luke laughed. Everyone cracked up. London looked at Ashton and reached to touch his nose. I cracked up. "Ashton, watch out! She wants to steal your nose!" I laughed. Everyone had a laughing fit over that. The doctor walked in. "Congrats Mrs. Hemmings!" "Umm, me and Luke are not dating!" "Oh. Who are you then?" "Mr. Irwin over there!" I laughed, pointing at him. "Oh. Sorry for the mistake, Mrs. Irwin. Congrats on the baby. You may return home tomorrow" he restated with a grumble. "Well, he wasn't very nice!" Luke stated I laughed. "We aren't even dating!" He shouted. "Luke! Keep your voice down! We are in a hospital!" He hung his head. "Sorry, Mom" I laughed. ~NEXT DAY~"Ok you are free to go, Mrs. Irwin!" The doctor told me. I nodded, and ran out of there, with Ashton following more slowly. He chuckled. "Someone wants to get outa here!" I nodded hard. "OW! I POPPED MY NECK!" He started laughing hard. I walked over to him, and tickled him, and he fell to the ground, laughing. "Come on, Ashton! I wanna get outa here!" He nodded, still laughing pretty hard. I fell asleep on the way back to our house for some odd reason... "FINALLY! NO MORE HOSPITAL!" "Amy, don't forget London's here..." "Why would I? She's my baby!" "Um, Amy? I was wondering, since Luke isn't going to be the father of London, or taking the father role, I was wondering if I could?" "Lemme think about it, Ashton. I mean, we've only been dating for a few months..." He hung his head, nodding, and I could see his shoulders moving as he cried. I started laughing. "What is wrong with you, Ashton? You already know that answer! Of corse!" Just as he was about to answer, Luke burst into the room. "Bro, ever think about knocking?" Luke shook his head. "No time! Niall Horon, from One Direction, heard about us on You Tube, and he's asking if we wanna be there opening act for there tour!" Ashton looked at me. "I dunno Luke, I mean, I got Amy and London to look after..." "They can come too! Just let them stay in the tour bus!" "I dunno Luke..." "Come ON Ash!" He looked at me. "Amy! Convince him please!" I laughed at Luke's stupidness. "Well... Nah. I'm good!" He started fake crying and crawled to ward me.

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