Rejects ♕ danisnotonfire

"You are beautiful
to me."
Abbey does not have good luck with relationships. Almost all of them were abusive, causing trust issues in guys.
When her best friend, Lydia, a YouTuber, decides to go to London to attend a YouTube party and meet online friends, Abbey decides to tag along. While she's in London, Lydia makes collab videos with a lot of YouTubers, including the famous 'danisnotonfire', or, Dan Howell. What happens when he tries to get close to Abbey? Will she let him, or will she push him away, like all the others?
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2. one



“Dia, have you seen my cat mug? I think I put it in the dishwasher, but it’s not there anymore..” I called from the kitchen to my best friend, Lydia, who sat on my couch in the front room, watching Adventure Time.


“Which one?” She chuckled. “You have like five. Oh, is it the cute clear one?” I nodded and opened a cabinet, peering inside. “Yeah, it’s in your room. You made tea last night at around four am, remember?” I nodded again, but in fact, I actually didn’t remember, I just did not want her to start telling the story. She drones on and on when telling stories, and it’s pretty irritating.


“Thank youuu!” I dashed to my room and got the mug, then went back to the kitchen to wash it out. Pouring coffee into it until it was half-full, I then added creamer and took a sip. “Our flight to London is tomorrow, correct?” I verified whilst leaning against the marble counter. Lydia and I were going to stay in London for a couple weeks because she was a YouTuber, and they were having a big YouTuber convention. Plus, she wanted to meet a lot of her online friends that were also YouTubers. Personally, I was excited! I've always wanted to go to London.


“Yup! We gotta be there at noon. Then my friend Emmalie is picking us up and we’re staying at her apartment. She’ll be with her boyfriend, the guy that she’s gonna move in with, so we’ll have the run of the place, really. Emma basically lives with him anyway, she just didn't ‘officially’ move in. All of her clothes and stuff are at her boyfriend’s house.” She responded, not taking her eyes off of the screen.


“Alright, that sounds good. You want to watch a movie? I’ll order Chinese,” I suggested, and Lydia agreed, rushing over to our collection to choose a movie, whilst I got the Chinese place we usually ordered from on the phone and read off the list on the fridge. Since we’re both really shitty cooks (I burn water. WATER.), we usually have take out a lot, and it’s a wonder we’re both not fat. Anyway, since we order it a lot, I decided to create a big master list of what we order from each place and tape it to the fridge. I’d just memorize it, but I have a really shitty memory, too.


When that was done, I carried my cute cat mug out to the living room and set it on the coffee table. Lydia had chosen a movie and popped it in the player, already pressing play. Of course, she chose ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, one of her favorite movies of all time, along with Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and Twilight. (She hated Twilight; Lydia only watched the movie to make fun of it.)


“‘The Devil Wears Prada’? Again, Dia? We watched this, like, three days ago.” I whined, but sat and leaned into the couch anyway. Lydia shot up and glared at me, and I knew she was going to defend her movie, of course.


“Yeah, but we had Chinese three days ago as well! You can’t have Chinese without ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ without greasy Chinese food!” There it was. I rolled my eyes, something that I do a lot, and didn't make another sound until Andy got the job, when somebody knocked on the door. “You can get it, Abbey,” Lydia smiled at me and motioned to the door. I stuck my tongue out at her, then stood and jogged to the door, opening it and smiling at the guy who looked about sixteen years old.


“Hi!” I beamed, then took the food and set it on the table, getting Lydia’s wallet instead of mine. “You said $37.58, right?” The teenage boy nodded and looked inside, his eyes focusing on my friend. I handed him the money and a tip, then shut the door. Lydia was already eating her food, so I went and sat back down, grabbing my own box.


“There is not a lot of stuff better than greasy Chinese food, yeah?” She mumbled into fried rice, and I agreed with her.




Abbey, it’s already one pm, we overslept! Get up, get up, get up!” Lydia threw the covers of my bed and smacked my head. “Our flight leaves in one hour.


WHAT?” I scrambled off the bed and tripped, falling onto the floor. I looked over at Lydia, expecting her to help me up, then run and get ready. Instead, she was doubled over, literally cackling. “Lydia, it’s not one pm, is it?” She shook her head and mouthed, ‘no,’ in between gasps of air and laughter.


When she redeemed herself, she stood and caught her breath. “Oh, God, that was funny. Especially when you tripped. Anyway, it’s ten am, you didn't oversleep. Don’t take too long getting ready!” Lydia flounced out of the room and into her own, shutting the door and leaving me to get ready.


I made my way into the bathroom and started the shower, waiting until the water was hot before undressing and stepping in. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and shaved, the usual, then turned off the water and wrapped a towel around myself. I unlocked the door and stepped past Lydia, who was glaring at me.


“Thanks for making it quick, Abbey!” She chirped, sarcasm dripping off the words. I smiled innocently at her and wiggled my fingers, shutting my door. It had been thirty minutes, which was the usual time I was in the shower. I took very long showers, and Lydia knew that, but she kept giving me a hard time about it.


I picked up the outfit I had chosen last night after ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ had ended. It was simple, comfy, and everyday; Dark skinny jeans and a random tee-shirt. Today’s happened to be a green one with the triforce symbol on it. I paired that with white Chuck Taylors, then, looking in the mirror on my wall, pulled my hair to the side and did a messy side fishtail plait. I didn't wear a lot of makeup; just mascara, which I applied slowly so I didn't get it all over my face. I did that once when I was in a hurry, and it wouldn't come off.


Lydia knocked on my door gently, opening it a crack. She was much faster at getting ready, even though she put more effort into what she looked like than I did. Her hair was dried, and in it’s beautiful, naturally curly state. “Are you almost ready to go? I called the taxi, and they’ll be here soon…” She trailed off. I glanced at my suitcase and drawstring backpack, both perfect and packed.


“I’m good!” I beamed. “I’m excited, you?” Lydia hesitated, and I could tell she was nervous, even if she didn’t say so. I've known her since we were in fourth grade, so about nine years. I knew everything about her, and she knew everything about me, period.


“Yeah.” She mumbled finally. “Yeah, I think so. I’m nervous as hell, though.” Lydia chuckled and tapped the wall with her fingers. “It’s just - I’m meeting so many people I've gotten close to on the internet, face to face. It’s extremely - erm, intimidating? Don’t really know how to describe it. I’m nervous, but I literally cannot wait.” She smiled, and bit her bottom lip.


“I hear you. I’d be freaked, too. But calm down, you've been waiting ages for this!” I grinned. “Let’s get down and wait outside, I think the driver will arrive soon.” Lydia agreed silently and left the doorway to get her stuff.


I pulled the handle of my suitcase up and rolled it towards the door, flinging my bag over one shoulder. When I got out to the living room, Lydia was waiting with her own suitcase. We exited the apartment, making sure to lock the door. When the two of us got downstairs, the taxi was waiting already. The driver helped us get our bags in the trunk before getting in his own seat and starting the car.


Well, I thought, staring out the window, London, here we come.




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