Hear I Am Once Again

Why did I fall in love with my bullies best friend??

A few years ago I got bullied by Michael and Ashton and one of their friends is my long lost twin and I feel I love with another one of their friends his name: Luke Hemmings


4. 4


By now the halls were filling up with students and each and every one of them saying stuff like "go kill yourself" or "wow the freack returned this year" like normal it happens every year but this year thuis year is diffrent this year is my last year only 200 days a little less when we have public holidays so i should manage it better than I have every other year I have speant hear at school I notice the time and shove the books I need for first and second lesson the BVB guys notice and say "whats going on?" I reply "class starts in 5, give me a look at your time tables to see if any of us have classes together" Jinxx gives me his and I say "your with me all day" then CC "congrates you have all the classes with me ever day all day, same goes for you Jinxx" then Ashley "same as Jinxx and CC ash" then iI look at Jakes "same as Ashley, CC and Jinxx" then its Andy's turn and I say "wow, all of us have the same classes" the guys look happy and I inform then that we better hurry up to get to Music or we'll be late cause its on the other side of the school then we set off a few minutes later we arive and first in so I take my normal seat at the back of the room by the window and listen to music while I wait for class to start i notice the guys sit around. Now the class is filling with the students that dont tease me cause of the music I like and because of how diffrent I am they understand me unlike all the other students at this hell hole they call school 

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