You Never Know (Dalton Rapattoni love story)

shes a professional 18 year old snow border he is a rock star two very two different people except shes like him in every way loves rock music and absoultly love his band. when they meet its like love at first site but so may people wont think these two will end up together i mean she loves the cold and he loves rocking out can they prove to the world that just because they are different they cant have a relation ship or will they fail miserably and leave them both heart broken. or will someone what her as much as he dose.


3. This can't be happening

             Alex'a   P.O.V. 

          I currently got into another fight with my father again but this time he said he's forbidding me to ever talk to dalton again and he's maker me practice more so I'm basically heading to the slopes now. "  Alex  Alex is that you"  I heard a voice say I turned around to find daltons band ate Lucas. " hi" I said as he smirked. " ok darling listien here you stay away from dalton he dosent need some daddy's little rich girl in his life because that's what you are and a little bitch so just leave him alone got me cuz you an him are never going to happen now goodbye" he said and pushed me into the snow.

       I groaned and got. Out of the snow and walked to the slopes. I got on my bored and started going down the slopes when I lost my balance and I started tumbling down the slope. In the the world just became black. 

        Jack's pov

         Are family Mathew Ariy and dalton and the hole 5sos were in the waiting room for my sister to get out of   Surgery  on her ribs. Aprenttly as she  shattered one of her rib bones while tumbling  down a slope her hole body is fine except  for her shattered rib. 

       Finally the doctor came out. " she's in and out of sleep but you may see her except for the parents of Alexandria Morgan we would like to ask you  some question  because her accident doesn't look like and accident she went on a slope that was closed for  ceartian reasons mabey she was in deep thought. But the police saw someone shove her to the ground so  we need to have a talk to you guys " the doctor said as me and dalton rushed back to my sisters room.

           Once we got in the room Lucy was  awack. Dalton went to her bed she smiled softly she has oxygen tubes in her noise  she had cuts on her face with dryer blood and she was just horrible. Basically dalton was talking to her and she was listening.  I sat on her other side as she took my hand I smiled softly at her.  Dalton kissed her forehead. " I'll leave you two alone for a while" he said and walked out as Ariya. And Mathew stayed at the door. 

      " hey baby sis" I said as a broken voice whispered back. "Hey "  my heart shattered I to million pieces as I saw my sister this way. Sure she's only been in the hospital 5 to 6 time mostly of broken bones but not this reason.  I heard a soft sob from behind the door and it was Ariya.  I smiled and  left the two girls in the room. 

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