Adopted by 1D // Hell Girl

There is a girl named, Ai Enma who lives in a orphanage where her grandmother and cousin put her in. The orphanage was called "Jigoku Shoujo Buisness" but now it's called "Flower Orphanage". It's really a torcherchamber but she likes it. Shes not like other girls, She is.....Hell Girl. (If you wondering what Jigoku Shoujo means it means Hell Girl. A place her family used to own now with another owner.)


1. Welcome Visitors


Ai's P.O.V.


Hi my name is Ai Enma. I am not a normal girl, but I am a girl from HELL. My grandmother and cousin abandoned me in this building that we used to owned. It was once called "Jigoku Shoujo Buisness", but now it's called "Flower Orphanage".  Ms.Grande now owns it and shes not a good owner to me. She would always give everyone brownies and candy except for me since I was different.

Apparently, this place have a racism problem. I know a lot of Japenese, but I know enough to say in English. I would always get pushed around by Katy and her crew, but I would always do payback to them. But I always get in trouble when I'm trying to protect myself. Today, there is a person coming to adopt someone, but of course it would not be me since I'm weird to people for some reason. 


(intercome) *BUZZ BUZZ*Ms.Grande: The adopter is here! Get down here! NOW!!! And Ai you can come down if you want, because nobodys going to adopt you. Thats all, now GET DOWN HERE NOW!

I had gotten dressed in my uniform and headed towards the stairs. Until, Katy and her crew stopped me. "Where do you think your going, you devil" she says smirking. "To get away from you." I said leaving her with her mouth wide open and a shocked crew. To be honest, that was my first time talking back to Katy. It felt...good inside.

Once I made it to the living room  all eyes were on me. People starting whispering things about me, but I don't care I just ignore it and headed to my usual spot in the dark corner. Once I had gotten to my spot there words on my seat, hurtful words. But I did not cry or run away. I had just sat down and ignore all the negativity in the room. When I had sat down everyone started laughing and pointing at me say name. Really I thought it was pointless hearing what they have to say about me. I know I said that I would not run away but I had gotten up and headed towards the kitchen, but when I was about to exit the room I felt water pour all over me. And guess what.

The vistors saw it all with there own eyes. Ms.Grande laughing at me, names being called at me, and the bucket of water. The vistors are shocked, but I don't care I just keep heading to the kitchen. I knew that would happen thats why I went to the kitchen.

Once I was done cleaning up, I exited the kitchen and saw Ms.Grande arguing with one of the visitors so I eavesdropped. "Why can't we have her?" the guy asked, " Because she's a devil, see those red eyes! She's crazy!". "Please let us adopt her, we'll pay you 10,000 dollars". By the time the guy said that, Ms.Grande started nodding fast and getting out the adoption papers. That's the first person I've ever seen stand up for me and helping me get out of this negative place.

"Ms.Grande! Ai was listening to you and the visitors conversation!" she said smirking. "Ai do you want to go to the basement?!" She said angrily. "Sure." I said leaving to the basement. "I'm done Ms.Grande and here's the money." he said. She throw the paper to release me, grabbed the money, and started hugging it.

When I was about to make it to the basement stairs I heard someone calling my name wrong just like the others -.- . "Ai(aye)! Ai(aye)!!" The guy said. "It's Ai(ah-e)!" I replied. "Go get your stuff your coming home with us." sounding like a demand. "Okay." I replied once again.

I headed towards my room and gotten my death straw doll, and my kimono robe. These are the only things I have and a picture of my family. I went downstairs and saw people jealous of me and whispering how lucky I was. I looked at Katy in the corner of my eye and saw her bawling her eyes out screaming "that should be me Ai(aye)." Saying my name wrong once again -.- . "I-Is that all you have, Ai(aye)?!". "Yes, and it's Ai (ah-e)." I corrected him. We went out to the car and I had gotten into the car and buckled up. 'This is gonna be journey', I thought.


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I had changed my username to Alois Trancy. And I hope you guys enjoyed the story! Bye!!!

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