Lost And Found

Erica is 23 years old, lives on her own and is a simple journalist. When her sister goes missing, she feels the desperate need to go and find her- nobody else will anyways. During her search, she meets Maxwell, she finds somethings out that she doesn't wanna hear but will she find her sister?


6. Voices

Max crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. Where is she? He wondered. He was about to go into the restroom and find her when he saw Vera exit the bathroom. A worried feeling came over him. Have they spoken?

When Erica comes out, he would give her exactly what she wanted. He'd upbraid her gently but with a promise of more to come and, in full detail, explain how he was gonna punish her for not insubordination. Not that she was being that way but he could feel that it was to come. He would tell her things that would bring that sexy blush back to her cheeks and make her tremble under his touch. Just the thought of that made Max bit his lip in frustration as he attempted to calm himself down.

Did she know how much power she had over him? He has known her for less than 24 hours and already she was buried into his psyche deeper than any other woman he had shared his bed with.

He got frustrated with waiting and kicked himself off the wall as he headed towards the bathroom door but before he could enter, Erica appeared looking sick.

"Are you alright? What happened in there?" He enquired.

She looked up at him with a worried look, "Elana- I heard her voice through the vents."

"What? You heard her?"

"Yes, she asked me to help her."

This didn't make sense to Max as he began to think about it. Why would Elana be at Mr. Anderson's?

"If she is here then we can't get her out today. We will have to wait a day or so."

"We need to help her!"

He didn't bring up what he was thinking because it would only confuse her, "the only thing we can do right now is leave."

"No! We have to-"

He quickly clamped his hand over her mouth and rushed them into the bathroom. When the door closed behind them, he felt her teeth against his palm. Swiftly, he removed his hand and pushed Erica up against the wall. He bent down to her ear before whispering, "don't ever do that. Do not ever bite a vampire, do you understand?"

He felt her nod before he noticed his body was pushed up perfectly with hers. Her body was pushed up against his and she could feel that erotic feeling creeping through her body again and Max could smell the emotions radiating off of her body like a strong fragrance. He held her body tighter to his. He wanted her. To comfort her and make her feel good but at the same time, they were in public so he needed to control himself.

"We're leaving. Don't make another sound," he croaked pushing himself off of her and dragged her out of the bathroom.

He looked at her and saw a look of lust but that quickly diminished as soon as someone approached them. Max turned his head quickly as he saw Mr. Anderson approach them. 

"Everything alright Maxwell?"

"Mr. Anderson. Yes, everything is fine," he answered as he slipped his hand back for Erica to take. She accepted quickly knowing that Max didn't want much attention drawn to her and cowering behind him would be the main thing to bring up questions. 

"And who might this be Max? I believe an introduction would be respectful to say the least."

"This is Ricki," he lied. "She is new."

"She looks it. What have you done to her? She is shivering." Mr. Anderson said holding his hand out.

She looked up at Max who nodded, giving her the 'okay' to step forward and allow the other man to kiss her hand. As Mr. Anderson brushed his cold lips over her hand, he breathed in her scent and held it like one does with a fine cigar. Erica could see Vera and Benton, whom she had met a few minutes earlier, watch them. Benton was attractive but he had an evil look in his eyes that seemed to make Erica's feet go cold. Vera seemed to be hovering behind Mr. Anderson and was smiling at Erica.

"I was just about to take Ricki home. She's had quite enough for one night." Max said getting annoyed with everybody crowding around.

Benton approached the crowd last and seemed to be focused only on Erica. "Surely you have time to join us for dessert in the dining hall."

Max glanced at Erica and gave her a look that said he couldn't refuse, "we'll see you there." He mumbled.

He watched as Mr. Anderson, Vera, and Benton left leaving Max and Erica standing outside the bathroom. His hands snaked around her waist and tightened as he puller her into him, "this isn't good- Benton shouldn't have any interest in you or I at all."

"What's gonna happen now?"

"I'm not sure. We won't be long but you must listen to everything I say and don't be disobedient."


Part's of Mr. Anderson's home were like the grotto's at Danger-Danger; except the rooms Erica saw were much larger and had more chains and handcuffs and it seemed as if they hadn't been used in ages. Mr. Anderson was the owner of Danger-Danger but he didn't live like he was. His house was big and he had his own personal grotto's but he didn't seem like the type to use them.

Erica pressed herself against Max as they walked through the house. She was hesitant with every step she took. Max had to attend this but she did not. Instead she was dragged into it by Benton making the offer in front of her. There was not way Max couldn't bring her without raising suspicion

As they entered the dining hall, Vera appeared and smiled at Erica, "come with me! I'll get you a drink."

Erica looked up at Max who was already shaking his head at Vera, "no, she stay's with me."

Vera crossed her arms at Max and gave him a pouty face, "now's not the time to be selfish."

"Maybe later," Max stated pulling Erica away from Vera leading her to an unoccupied couch. He gently slid her body over his allowing her to sit sideways on him.

She stiffened up when his head lowered towards her neck. "Please not here," she begged as the tips of his fangs teased at her skin.

"I have to."

He held her tighter to his ad his hands tried to command her body to mold to to his. She would have been irresistable to him if she wasn't suddenly so afraid.

"No..." she whispered.

"Maxwell, I'm glad you decided to join us," Benton said as he came into the room.

Erica looked up at Benton and saw he was wearing a crisp white suit. WIth him he had a nude woman who was bound by a chain held by Benton. Behind him was Mr. Anderson.

"Mr. Anderson," Max said looking up from Erica.

"Max, why don't you come with me for a moment? There is some business I would like to discuss with you."

"Business? Now?" Max groan glancing at Erica so that Benton would see.

"It's rather important. It involves- security here."

Max sighed as he began to get up causing Erica to slightly panic as her stomach turned.

"We'll only be a moment Maxwell, I promise not to keep you from your very lovely young lady for too long."

Erica felt her heart twist as Max finished moving her off of him.

"You stay here," he stated. "And don't move no matter what."

She nodded quickly assuring him that she had no intentions of moving. As soon as Max was out of the room, Vera came skipping over to the couch with drinks in her hand.

"Good, you're alone! I brought you a drink." she smiled.

Erica looked at the glass Vera had brought and shook her head, "I'd better not-"

"It tastes like candy though and it helps you relax."

"No, I will wait till Max get's back."

Vera shrugged her shoulders as she took a long sip from her glass, "do you wanna dance with me?"

"Umm, dance with you?"

"Yeah, just for fun, come on!"

Vera didn't wait for Erica to reply, instead she grabbed her hands and pulled her up. In no time, Vera had the music turned up and they were both dancing to the beat. Vera had managed to get that drink into Erica and make her forget about everything for the moment.

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