Lost And Found

Erica is 23 years old, lives on her own and is a simple journalist. When her sister goes missing, she feels the desperate need to go and find her- nobody else will anyways. During her search, she meets Maxwell, she finds somethings out that she doesn't wanna hear but will she find her sister?


2. Him

As Erica and the man she kept looking at him and thinking how he didn't look like a vampire to her. She found him to be really cute. He wasn't pale or even cold?

As he dragged her the rest of the way out of the club, his grim on her moved from her upper arm to her wrist and he pulled her out the door. "What were you doing in there?" he asked.

"I was just looking around-"

"looking around for what?"

"Nothing! I was… just curious- you're hurting me."

"I don't believe you."

"Who are you anyways? And why do you care that I went in anyways? Geez, it's not like I'm coming back regardless."

"No, you aren't going back in there. I don't want to see you in there- it's not a place for girls like you."

Erica looked at him, slightly angered, and raised her eyebrow, "And who are you again?"

He let go of her wrist with a heavy sigh and turned to face her, "I just don't want to see an innocent, like you, drawn into that world. Anybody could see that you don't belong there."

She gave him a smirk and turned away crossing her arms, "what I do is none of your business."

"Actually, it is."

She turned back around to question him about what he meant by his last statement, when a silver glint caught her eye. He was holding out his wallet that had a badge and ID that read 'Maxwell Hart, Vampire Investigator.'

She looked up at him, "Vampire Investigator?" she questioned.

He nodded his head once and put his wallet away.

"What is that?"

"A group of individuals who work for the vampire lord. Is your sister a feeder?"

"What is that?" she repeated.

"What is what?" he asked trying to understand her question.

"A feeder."

"Mostly women but there are some women. A feeder is someone who is owned by a vampire. You see, vampires have a sex appeal on their feeders, which is natural, so feeders are humans that allow their owners to feed on them and- in other words- use them as their own personal sex toy."

Erica stared at Maxwell as if her were crazy. There was no way her sister could be a feeder. She was not like that.

"I don't think she is," she answered as truthfully as she could. 

"Is she a feeder or not?"

"I don't know! I hope not. She is in trouble though- she called and left a message saying that she needed help getting out of something? She said that she was at one of the vampire clubs but she never said which one?"



"No, what is your name?"

"That's not important right now, Mr. Hart."

He seemed to like the way she said his name- just a bit more than he should considering she is obviously younger than him by a few years at least.

He sighed, "Why would she be at one of our clubs? Is she a vampire hunter or something?"

"No, defiantly not- but she is easily lead into things. She is an easy person to convince. SHe will believe almost anything."

"Let me guess, she wouldn't hurt a fly? Listen- vampires are different. We are killers and weather you like it or not, your sister could have easily been drawn into all of this."

Erica felt the moment get awkward after he just came out and gave her the cold hard truth, "Look, I don't think I will be needing your help. I can handle this by myself." she said turning to walk away.

He quickly grabbed her by the arm but this wan't like the last time. This time his touch created a fiery feeling in both of them that neither of them expected. Erica let out a slight gasp while Mr. Hart chose to ignore the feeling radiating through him, "I'm sorry Ms…"

"Talbot. Erica Talbot."

He nodded and let go of her, letting the feeling pulsing through both of them, go,"Ms. Talbot, I am doing my job and in a club like that, you look really suspicious."

"Sorry and no offense, but I don't want my sister to become a… vampire."

"We normally don't turn feeders. If we were to do that then our population will outgrow yours in just a matter of weeks."

"I just don't get how feeders can do- well, that…"

"It's their choice. We don't feed them to do anything they don't want to do until we own them but normally they will do anything we want without protestation. It's the appeal that attracts the humans to come to the decision. There are men and women who walk around on leashes- they ask most of those things. We do not."

Erica couldn't help but feel that same electrical current running through her every time he talked. Just like the one she had when he first spoke in the club. Him talking about feeders made her want to be him- WAIT! 

Did I really just think that? she though to herself.

No matter what she tried to think about, the main thing she kept thinking about is what was below his belt.

Hold on! Stop!! she told herself.

Of course she was curious about him in more ways than one and there was something about him that send an electrical feeling pulsing through her body but she doesn't need to think about that stuff. 

"I'm sorry Mr. Hart, but I don't need your help." she said trying to sound assertive.

He stepped closely in front of her, "Just let me help you?"

She sighed and looked up at him, "For a reasonable price?"

He let out a laugh and Erica really liked the sound of that too, as well as the smile that followed, "No, I'm a public servant."

"Alright, Mr. Hart, I guess I could use some help and I appreciate it but my next stop is Danger-Danger."

"I'm not taking you with me there Ms. Talbot. A human just can't go into any of our clubs unless you're a feeder. That's the only reason our clubs have bar's in them."

"Either way, Mr. Hart, I am going weather fit is with you or not. She is my sister and she needs me."

He tried to stand his ground shaking his head, "it's not a good idea."

"As I said, I will go with or without you. I will get into that place even if I have to break in," she stated slowly walking past him while giving him a flirtatious smile.

"You will get hurt. Frank was nice and went easy on you tonight. Some women limp out of these places, others crawl and some don't ever come out."

"Then I guess you will have to be my personal bodyguard and protect me, won't you?"

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