Lost And Found

Erica is 23 years old, lives on her own and is a simple journalist. When her sister goes missing, she feels the desperate need to go and find her- nobody else will anyways. During her search, she meets Maxwell, she finds somethings out that she doesn't wanna hear but will she find her sister?


3. Danger-Danger (Part 1)

Max lead them to his car and they both got in. Maxwell couldn't help but notice that her scent was oddly familiar to him. She looked like a feeder though he knew she wasn't. She was under dressed and had a face with makeup caked on but smelled of a librarian. A natural feeder knew that it's not the outfit that attracts the buyer. It's the feeders scent but of course a beautiful girl wearing fish net stockings, a push up bra that gave her that beautifully rounded cleavage that every girl wants, the hair that every girl dreams of that the buyer can pull while in the act of sex, and her beautiful skin would defiantly grab a male- or even female- vampires attention. But it was her scent that brought Max across the club and to her. If she was a feeder, he would have defiantly bought her though.

"You have to prepare for some of these places. I will begin by taking you into some of the lighter ones then we can work our way up to the more heavy clubs. I know what I am talking about and if you want to help Elana, you need to trust me. If she is in trouble then you need to be careful as well and if someone owns her-"

"Nobody owns her!" Erica yelled cutting him off mid sentence.

"You don't know that," he mumbled. "I can still do this on my own-"



"I won't let her turn herself into a vampire."

He chuckled, "it takes to to make a vampire."


"Alright, since you refuse to let me handle this alone, you have to do exactly what I say when we get inside. Do you understand?"

She nodded and they stepped out of his car. Erica felt a shiver course through her body as she got out of the car and into the chilled midnight air. She waited as Max came around to her on the opposite side of the car. When he was to her, he took her hand and lead her to the side of the building.

"We don't go in from the front?" she asked slightly confused.

A car came around the corner. He stopped, making sure to shield her from view, and she looked at him and stifled a scream when she saw his fangs were out.

"What are you-"

"I promise it won't hurt," he said pulling her into his body.

She stumbled forward and put her hands against his chest to brace herself. He moved his face to her neck and let his fangs pierce her neck ever so slightly as she let out a muffled scream. Her scream had come out to be more of a squawk but not loud enough to where anybody would have heard it. 

He had bitten her but, as he had assured her, it did not hurt.

"Sorry about that," he mumbled pulling away from her neck.

"What did you-" she stopped herself mid sentence and ran her fingers across the bite catching the blood.

"I marked you as mine."

Those just so happened to be the sexiest word Erica has ever heard and coming from Max's lips made them about ten times hotter. She didn't let that get to her though. She removed her hand from her neck and slapped him.

"You can't go around biting people!"

He rubbed the left side of his jaw and grinned. The humor in his eyes didn't mask, at all, the dangerous lust that was also there. How could what just happened turn both of them on? "I didn't. I don't go around biting people, I marked you. I didn't drink. I simply broke the skin to make it look real-"

"You could have warned me." she grumbled rubbing the blood on the wall directly behind her.

"You would have said no, then we would be arguing here until the dawn."

"Anything else I should know?"

"Last chance to back out?"

"No, thats the final answer."

"Fine- oh and you taste great."

She rolled her eyes at his crude- yet sexually arousing- comment, "just open the door."

He opened the door and immediately they were greeted by one of the hostesses.

"Max, who is this?" The man asked.

"Ricki, hi." Erica lied giving the guy a fake name and holding out her hand to shake.

Max quickly yanked her arm down, "she's new, sorry," he apologized.

"So two?"


"Go on."

Max was quick to drag them to the nearest table he could find and sit them down. Under the table, he put one hand on her exposed knee, squeezed, then slid his thumb beneath the taut strap of her garter.

"Those shoes are ridiculous and way too high for you. Next time, wear something comfortable. I wouldn't want you falling," he said giving her thigh a squeeze as she nodded quickly.

With his index finger, he reached a line down her jaw and into the collar of her blouse then gently pushing the material aside, exposing one thin strap of her bra. Nudging it off the curve of her shoulder, he gave her a perfect smirk, "that's better. Now, I'm going to tell you what I am going to do to you tonight, yes?"

She couldn't manage any words so she simply nodded and he gave her thigh a squeeze.

"First, I am ordering drinks, then I am going to teach you everything you need to know about being a feeder. How does that sound?"

Erica fought to steady her breathing as Max continued to tease her by caressing her thigh beneath the table. She decided it best to look at her surroundings. The first couple she saw seemed normal. That was until the man pulled the woman into a close embrace and closes his eyes as he bites into her neck. She saw the woman tilt her head back, obviously enjoying the pleasure she is receiving, and lets out a slight moan.

She quickly looked away because watching them made her think of Max and wish it was him doing that to her. She looked at the next table and saw a woman on her knees in front of a man . The man had another woman wrapped over his chest as he drank from her and caressed her breasts through the transparent fabric of her horrid blouse. It wasn't long before Erica noticed the shimmering chain that was hanging from the women's neck.

The drinks then came and Erica took the drink Max was handing her and gulped it down almost completely within three gulps. She realized almost immediately after that there was a fair amount of alcohol in the drink and her fingers began to tremble. 

"Are you alright?" Max asked with a worry crossed face. 

"Is there alcohol in this?"

"Very little?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, come on. There is more to the club and we are going to go to the grotto."

They got up from their table, leaving their drinks. As Erica began to walk she began to loose her step forcing Max to put an arm around her waist to guid her and help her keep her balance.

"Are you sure that you are alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, just a bit dizzy."

He pulled her back to the table they were sat at and almost immediately, Erica noticed the couples again. "Why do they do that in public-" she cut herself off mid sentence as the waitress came back. She hoped that nobody heard her but she looked at Max and knew immediately that he had heard what she had said and heard her very clearly. With his hand back where it was when they were sitting down a moment ago, he inched his fingers higher up onto her thigh.

"Be careful to keep your voice down," he said dipping his fingers into the cool liquid in her glass, then holding two fingers up to her lips, "lick."

She hesitated at first but then something inside of her made her want to desperately obey him, "you think this is amusing? It's a privacy issue." she mumbled as his fingers left her mouth.

"Shhh," he said digging his fingers into her leg.

She lifted her glass but wasn't actually paying attention to the taste of her drink because her mind was on the position of Max's hand. She wanted if she did, his fingers would inch higher

"You need to relax," Max said dipping his face close to her neck. "I can feel your muscles as tight as bow strings."

"Are you sure there is very little alcohol in this?"


"Come on."

"What would you like me to say? That I drugged you so that you will be compliant later? So you will lie still while I slowly undress you of any clothing and explore your body with my mouth and hand until I find the perfect spot to sink my teeth into?"

He looked her straight in the eyes as he said that and made her head spin. She could have ran out at the moment he said that but all she could seem to think about was how much she wanted him to do exactly what he described. She wanted it so badly but also wanted to know why he had such a strong effect on her so soon.

"Come on, finish your drink."

He hands shook as she moved the drink to her lips as some of the drink spilt from her glass and onto the table. Max touched his finger to some of the spilt drink and then to right above her collarbone. She involuntarily arched her back as he bent down and licked the spot with her drink on it. The small sound that escaped the back of her throat surprised both of them.

"There. That's a really good spot. I could sink my teeth into you and drink from right there," he said huskily from his throat as he moved his face away from her neck. 

"What are you trying to-"

"Lets go." He put his arms back around her waist to steady her. "You're doing fine. You just need to learn discipline. I look forward to teaching you everything."

As the came to the grotto, Erica realized that it was no place for her and Max could feel her hands shaking as he walked her through the clubs infamous back room. At some point, Erica had transformed from a frightened, naturally defiant princess, into the kind of submissive feeder for which the average vampire would gladly pay double for. The way she had taken his instructions and the way she licked her lips as she watched the other couples she watched made him hungry for her- it made him hard and he found it hard to fight off this hunger for her.

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