•The Unexpected Affair•


1. •Chapter One•

I sat on my bed, relaxing for the first time in too many hours. I had been looking forward to this since I was just a little girl. Going to college with my two best friends Gemma and Perrie, were a dream come true. And that our best guy friends went to the same college was just a plus.

Gemma walked in the room, with her last bag of books. She loved reading. She always said that books were better than movies because in books you get to use your one imagination, but in movies everything is already made up.

"This is gonna be so amazing. We're gonna have so much fun!" She said, exited. I nodded, smiling back at her.

"Yeah. I'm really exited girls!" Perrie who was sitting in top bunk said.

We decided to go over to the boys. Harry, who was Gemma's twin brother, Brian who was my boyfriend and Niall who was Gemma's flirt, lived in the dorm next to us. And besides them Zayn who was Perrie's boyfriend, Liam who was the dad of our little group of friends, and Louis who always were the one who joked around, lived.

We all had went to the same High School, and had been best friends since the first day of sophomore year.

Perrie knocked three times on the door to Brian, Harry and Niall's room, and walked in. All the boys were there. Perrie went over to Zayn, they kissed and she sat down next to him on the big brown leather couch.

Brian hugged me from behind. His muscular arms wrapped around my body, as he kissed me on the neck.

"Hi" I whispered, he almost couldn't hear me from the other guys talking.

"Hi beautiful" he answered, while still placing sweet kisses on my blotted neck.

I could feel that someone was watching us. I looked at Harry, his eyes were dark, darker than usually. He had a look on his face than I never had seen before. When he noticed that I looked at him, he looked away.

What was that? I thought.

I turned around to face Brian, I kissed his soft lips, and tried to think of something else. But I couldn't stop think about that look on Harry's face. I knew that look, but I had never seen it on Harry. It was the look of jealousy.

No it couldn't be.

I was his friend, his sisters best friend. He couldn't be jealous. I thought that he had just always seen me like the annoying little sister. Even though we were the same age. I mean he was sexy, he had amazing abs, and then there's those big bouncy curls, and the eyes.

No. Rosalyn. You are kissing your amazing sweet handsome boyfriend, and you're thinking of Harry. Stop it you have no chance. And...and you don't want to...lie.. I thought.

I removed my lips from Brian's. Gave him a little (fake) smile and turned around. I walked over to the single bed, where Harry was sitting. I sat besides him. Actually I didn't really want to, but it was the only seat there wasn't taken. I looked at him. He turned his face, and looked at me.

"What's up?" He asked looking at me. He was acting like I didn't see that look on his face. But he knew I saw it. I was sure of that.

"Not much. You? Is there any new girl that's lucky enough to get a piece, of the one and only Harry Edward Styles" I teased him smirking. He had very high thought about himself. He seriously thought that he was gods gift to women.

"No. There's not anyone who's that lucky, right now" he smirked.

"You're an idiot" I laughed giving him a little push.

Time passed, and it was time for dinner. We all made our way down to the cafeteria. We got our food, and found a table where we could all be. I sat down and Brian came over to sit next to me. But before he got to Harry stepped in and took the chair besides me. Gemma who was on my other side looked at Harry with a weird face.

"Harry I think Brian was gonna sit there" she said to her brother. Harry and Brian never really liked each other. I never knew why.

"Can't he just sit somewhere else" Harry said looking at his sister.

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