5SoS One Direction Fanfiction
Mae is a17year old girl that has scars mentally and physically her best friends are Ashton Irwin and Rayne Danos. Her Father left her when she was just a baby her mother has been a mess since. her love life is a Social Casualty. who falls for her. who does she fall for and what is she addicted to? all good questions read to find out the answers


3. My Hero


I wake up cuddled up to a mans chest. I jump up and move away thinking it was Daniel but when I jumped the man awoke and i saw it was Ashton

Ashton: Hey hey its just me calm down..

Mae: Wha..what happ..happened.. DANIEL?! he.. he.. he.. he.. tried to RAPE! ME!

Ashton: Mae calm down i took care of him. Come here

Ashton hugs me in one of the most comforatble hug hes ever given me.

Ashton POV

I was walking down the hall looking for Mr.Michael then i heard a loud scream.. it sounded like... Mae??! i Bust into the Boys bathroom to hear a girl screaming for help i bust into the stall to see Mae crying and Daniel.. is he Raping her?!?! i kick Daniel in the stomach and beat his ass to a pulp i see Mae passed out. i pick her up and carry her to my car and take her to my house. I lay her down on my bed and get her phone and text her mom and tell her shes staying at Raynes house pretending to be her and then after her mom text back and agrees i lay next to her and she lays on my chest for im guessing comfort. I fall asleep so happy to have her here in my arms. I love it when she cuddles me.


I wake up to Mae panicking she yells a few times freaking out

Mae: Daniel.. he..he..he..he..tried to RAPE! ME!

i tell her i tool care of it and pull her into a hug and lay her back down onto my chest so she doesnt feel frightened anymore. I am going to kill Daniel.



i wake up once again in Ashtons arms again but this time hes already awake and playing with my hair.

Ashton: Morning sleepy head. *looks concerned* Are you okay?..

Mae: If i say im fine would you believe me?

Ashton:No *smiles softly*

Mae: thank you so much. if you hadnt shown up i dont know what wouldve happened i could still be in that bathroom if it wasnt for you. Your my Hero

Ashton: Your welcome. and you can stay here as long as you want i told your mo you were at Raynes.

Mae: Thanks. uhm can i borrow one of your shirts i cant stand to be in these clothes any longer

Ashton: Yeah of course

Ashton hands me his The Vamps shirt and its like a dress on me so i just dont wear my pants, Ashtons seen me in just a shirt plenty of times so its not that big a deal.

Ashton POV

Mae walks into the room again in just the shirt i lended her But it didnt really bother me ive seen her in just a shirt plenty of times.

Ashton: Hey wanna go get something to eat..

Mae: ugh yeah let me go find those shorts i left here a few days ago

Ashton: *Laughs* Okay

i find the shorts and wipe the make up off my face and through my Black wavy hair up into a messy bun and meet Ashton at the car.

*Arrives at IHop*

Mae: mhm yes i lovvee pancakes *Laughs*




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