5SoS One Direction Fanfiction
Mae is a17year old girl that has scars mentally and physically her best friends are Ashton Irwin and Rayne Danos. Her Father left her when she was just a baby her mother has been a mess since. her love life is a Social Casualty. who falls for her. who does she fall for and what is she addicted to? all good questions read to find out the answers


1. How it all started

I woke up at 7 am to get ready for school. I decided to wear my favorite band The Vamps sweater with some black skinny jeans and combat boots. I always wear my makeup and i wear it dark. all black. I put on my bracelets to hide the scars then heard my phone go off.

*Ding* my best friend Ashton text me

Ash: Hey. You ready?? I'm heading that way to pick you up for school. A.

Mae:Yeah just finishing up my make up. M.

Ash:Ugh.. You don't need all that shit on your face. It hides your G-E-O-R-G-E-O-S eyes. A.

Mae: Yeah what ever. See you when you get here. M.

  Ashton POV

Mae: Yeah what ever. See you when you get here. M.

I set my phone down on the middle consol as i drove to Maes house.

When i arrive i see Mae coming out of her house. God was shes beautiful. I really wish she wouldnt wear all that makeup, shes beautiful without it. Ive had a HUGE crush on her since we met in Pre-K the crush has only gets bigger everytime i see her. She gets in my car and i notice her bracelets but inbetween two i see a cut, red like she had cut herself last night.

Ashton: Uhm.. Mae can i see your hands?

Mae: uhm.... yeah sure

I grab her hands and forcefully move the bracelets. When i see the scars i fight the tears i hate it when shes hurt. She pulls away looks at me and hugs me. i love her hugs.

Mae: I'm sorry... i just.. i just.. i dont know what to do.. My mom was drunk again last.. we got into a fight.. she hit me.

Ash: Mae *lightly pinching her chin to make her look up at me*  Im here for you forever and always. Next time please just call me.

Mae: Okay..

*Pulls out cigerette and lights it*

*opens window*

Ash: Mae. i thought you were gonna stop

Mae: i will!

*arrives at school*


I'm so glad i have Ashton .. sweet

*Arrives at school*

Ashton: Ready to go inside?

Mae: Yeah. *sighs* Lets go.

*Enters Math class*

i see my friend Rayne and my boy friend Daniel. Ashton and I go sit beside them.

Daniel: Hey babe


i kiss him hello and bite his lip as i pull away

Daniel: Mhm.. your such a tease.

Ashton POV

I hate it when they kiss it just hurts.i just dont trust Daniel.Hes always sneeking around, well thats what it seems.


Ash seemed quite but i just shrugged it off and tried to listen to the teacher but daniel made that kinda hard since he kept sexually grabbing my thy and rubbing my thys and every once in a while go near privates, trying to turn me on and working.

*Lunch bell rings*

As i walk to lunch with with Rayne and Niall, Rayne has the hugest crush on Niall since he moved here from England in 8th grade with his friends Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik and Liam Payne,when Daniel found me.

Daniel: Hey guys

Rayne&Niall: hey

Mae: Hey baby

Daniel: can i steal Mae for a bit

Rayne&Niall: yeah sure

Daniel grabs my hand and we walk away for my friends

Mae: Hey babe where we going??

Daniel: its a suprise...*smirk* you'll love it.

we walk down the hall and i start to become scared where are we going what am i going to love is everything okay...?




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