Open Your Eyes

"Where the fuck do you think your going indigo." His cold harsh voice snapped

"I..I N..Need T..To G..Get H..Home.." I stuttered

"No you don't, we need to do something first," he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I was shaking with fear

"N..No Y..You D..Don't U..Understand..." I started to speak up but it was no use

"Your right... I don't understand, but that's too bad," he said. My eyes were clenched shut but I could tell he was smirking. He let out a low raspy chuckle.

There was silence for a few moments so I thought I was safe.

Once again, I was wrong. I felt a hard punch in my stomach.

I yelped and fell to my knees. I heard his voice. His deep, raspy voice. I could feel his glare burning my skin. He let out a chuckle.

My eyes were still clenched shut as I felt his stone cold hands grip my throat. "Open your eyes."


3. Chapter 3

I woke up at 7 o clock not to my alarm but to mother shaking me awake. "Indigo! You're going to be late!" she exclaimed. I looked at the time and gasped and jumped out of bed and instantly felt a sharp pain up my backside and cried out and fell to the floor. I whimpered and managed to pull myself up and into the shower. 


I managed to leave the house and get to school at 7:45 and I had five minutes until my first class. I limped inside and to my locker and managed to get the correct books without collapsing to the floor because of the immense pain, excuse my language, up my arse. I was praying that I wouldn't bump into harry and with a minute to the bell I thought I was lucky but today luck wasn't on my side. I was shoved into my locker, my head hitting the door hard. I could feel blood trickling down my neck as i whimpered and screwed my eyes shut. "Indigo. Look. At. Me." Harry barked and i quickly opened my eyes and looked up at the familiar emerald green eyes, my own chocolate brown eyes already filling with tears. "Did you have fun last night?" he snapped and grabbed a fistful of my hair. I quickly nodded, petrified of what would happen if i said no. He smirked and kissed me roughly. I just sat there and let him do as he wished. he pulled away and slapped me before taking his books from my bag and leaving me on the floor of the hallway. 


It was my free period and I was spending it hidden away in the back corner of the school library, trying my best to avoid Harry. I had already had two classes with Harry and they had been pure torture. I was studying for the chemistry test when my textbook was ripped out of my hands and thrown across the room. "With you spending all your time here, I would think you'd been avoiding me," He said and smirked. I whimpered and looked at my lap. He tugged my head up to look at him and glared at me. "Now that's not true is it Zee?" he said and gripped my jaw tightly. I whimpered as the tears finally rolled down my face. "N..No H..Harry," I stuttered out and whimpered as he let go of me and threw my textbook back at me. "Oh by the way, You're coming over to my house tonight while your parents go out for dinner with mine," he snapped and kicked me once more before leaving. Great, just great. Another night I have to spend with Harry.

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