Open Your Eyes

"Where the fuck do you think your going indigo." His cold harsh voice snapped

"I..I N..Need T..To G..Get H..Home.." I stuttered

"No you don't, we need to do something first," he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I was shaking with fear

"N..No Y..You D..Don't U..Understand..." I started to speak up but it was no use

"Your right... I don't understand, but that's too bad," he said. My eyes were clenched shut but I could tell he was smirking. He let out a low raspy chuckle.

There was silence for a few moments so I thought I was safe.

Once again, I was wrong. I felt a hard punch in my stomach.

I yelped and fell to my knees. I heard his voice. His deep, raspy voice. I could feel his glare burning my skin. He let out a chuckle.

My eyes were still clenched shut as I felt his stone cold hands grip my throat. "Open your eyes."


2. Chapter 2

The next morning, my alarm went off at six in the morning. I groaned and stretched and got up. I showered and got dressed. I poked my head around the door of my mother's bedroom. I saw she wasn't in bed and realised she had stayed with George. I sighed and got Brooke and Kieran up and got them dressed and gave them breakfast. I slid all of my books and Harry's books into my bag and put my bag on my shoulder. I grabbed the keys to my mothers car and got Brooke strapped in and wheeled Kieran in and strapped him in. I climbed in the driver's seat and drove to Kieran's school and helped him inside where some helpers rushed to me and took him off. I smiled and headed back to the car. I quickly drove Brooke to the childminder and then hurried to school. 


I parked in a free spot and hurried inside to my locker. I put my books inside and got out the ones I needed. I closed my locker and felt a hard shove, making me hit the floor. I whimpered and looked up. I saw Harry towering over me. "How did you find the homework?" he snapped and let out a chuckle. I just shook with fear as he laughed even more. "Where is it?" he snapped and kicked me in the stomach. I yelped and pointed to my bag. He grabbed his books and put them in his bag. I whimpered again and shut my eyes. It was silent for a minute so I thought he was gone. I opened my eyes just as a hard punch hit my jaw. I yelped and cowered away from him. He laughed and went off to his first class. I gathered my stuff and hurried to my first class. Math. Great, first class of the day and I had it with Harry.


I opened the door to the classroom and everyone turned to look at me. "sorry I'm late sir.." I whispered. The teacher waved it off and I hurried off to my seat next to Harry. I looked down and got my books out. I started the work and didn't look at Harry. The whole lesson I could feel him staring at me with a huge smirk on his face. "Indigo.. look at me.." He demanded. I whimpered and turned to look at him. "Why are you ignoring me?" he asked me with a smirk on his face. I didn't answer I just shook with fear. "Are you scared?" he whispered. I nodded and his smirk grew bigger. "You should..." He whispered and I whimpered. He laughed again and went back to his work. As soon as the bell rang I hurried out of the classroom. I ran into the bathroom and into a random cubicle and locked the door and burst into tears. My next class was with Harry. I didn't want to go so I stayed in the bathroom for the entire period and just cried. The bell rang for next lesson. I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes and made myself look presentable before hurrying to Art. It was one of my only classes without Harry. I sat in my seat at the back and just sat there thinking. I just randomly sketched something as I sat there. When the bell went I put my sketchbook away and hurried off to lunch. I normally ate out on the field or In the library. It was warm today so I headed out to the field and found a corner where nobody was and sat down and started eating. 

It was the end of the day. I hurried to my car and started driving home. I arrived home and headed inside. There was a note on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and instantly recognised the handwriting. "Indy, George took me and the kids out to dinner and then we are staying at his house for the night, our new neighbours are sending their son round so you have some company and a friend, love you x mum" I smiled weakly and sighed. I put the note down and went to shower and got changed. I grabbed myself a glass of orange juice just as the doorbell rang. I guessed it was our new neighbour. I opened the door only to see Harry standing in front of me. My mouth fell open. "Well hello there Indigo, I guess we're neighbours," He said and smirked. I nodded quickly and bit my lip nervously. "Well aren't you going to let me in?" he snapped. I nodded and quickly stepped out of the way as he stepped inside. "nice place, mind showing me to your room?" he said with a smirk on his face. I nodded and quickly walked to my tiny bedroom. "Your room is tiny, but at least you don't have to share.." he said still smirking.

"You have to share?" I whispered. He nodded as he looked around

"mhmm, with my stupid nerd brother Marcel, you remind me of him, you two could be great friends," he said still smirking. I nodded and looked down. He kicked off his shoes and lay down on the bed. "Nice.. a double bed.." He said. I nodded again. "Well aren't you gonna join me?" he asked me still smirking. I quickly lay down next to him, making sure there was a gap between us. 


After ten minutes of just sitting there in silence, Harry sat up and smirked at me. "Turn over, so you're on your stomach." He barked. I reluctantly lay on my stomach. I heard him chuckle. "Do you have any ties?" He asked me. I nodded quickly 

"In my wardrobe.." I stuttered. I felt him get up and I heard him rummaging through my wardobe. A couple of minutes later he came over to me and grabbed my wrists and tied them tightly to my bed posts. "What are you doing?" i gasped. Suddenly his hand flew to my mouth. "Shut up." he snapped. I nodded and just dug my head into the covers and cried silently. I heard him doing something from behind me. Suddenly I felt his hands tug down my trousers and boxers. I cried out as I realised what was happening. "Harry please.." I pleaded as I struggled against the ties. I heard him chuckle. "That's it... beg for me.." He whispered in my ear. I sobbed as I felt him thrust into me. I screamed and he covered my mouth again. "Don't fucking scream whore." he snapped. I just sobbed as he started thrusting hard into me. "Please.." I begged "Stop... It hurts..". All I heard was him laughing. Eventually he pulled out and untied the ties around my wrist. I rubbed my wrists and sobbed. I just stared at Harry as he got dressed. He was extremely attractive. He was covered in tattoos and he had abs. I dried my eyes and stared at him. He caught me staring and smirked. "Like what you see?" He asked me. I nodded quickly and looked down. He came over to me and lifted up my chin so I was looking at him. For a second he had a genuine smile on his face as he looked at me. I smiled back softly but his smile disappeared and he dropped my chin and suddenly punched me in the stomach. I yelped and fell back. He just kept glaring at me, not even with a smirk. "Remember to do my homework for tomorrow," He snapped and quickly headed out of my room. I whimpered and pulled my boxers and jeans on. I grabbed the two ties and put them back in the wardrobe and curled up on my bed. I crawled under the blankets and curled up into a ball, clutching my knees to my chest as I cried myself to sleep. 

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